Star metal meteor/ore in singleplayer

did you wait until the maelstrom began or ended?

I was just playing and doing another stuff, then press ‘M’ (open the map), saw red maelstrom circle and decided to try obtain star metal. Fought around a bit inside maelstrom, get to that rock and waited until maelstrom ended. No danger actually, just run to safe place and avoid monsters.

Got only 5 nodes before running out of space.

I brought my horse and thrall with me and shared with them all the hardships, filled with ore each free inventory slot :smiley: They just teleported to that rock btw and stayed with me in safety.

Also, how did you mark your post as a solution? I’ve been saying this, although perhaps not so clearly, since a previous thread of the same topic. I didn’t think anyone was listening.

Yea, I was inspired including your post, just marked my post only because of bit more details and all of them I tested personally. There is a button ‘Solution’ under any post, including your own. Actually I would implement possibility to mark several posts as solutions, but now I can mark only one( In my opinion all replies here are solutions.


Standing around is boring and tedious. So I bring a thrall to train, if I have one.

Thx! This thread needed a noticeable post and yours is concise and easy to follow.

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