Ps4 pro conan exiles star metal not spawning

Game mode: [offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: bug
Region: oceania

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no meteor strikes have happened since i started playing 3 days
my base is under the shattered bridge i have also waited in the snow area where everyone says its common and nothing happens please message me on ps4 if it aint a bug my psn is S1enderman20020

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey r u experiencing same problem

They say it depends on how long you are in the game. Server counts time and probability for meteor shower from it’s restart - every time you enter your Solo Play in fact. So it’s rather hard to find Fallen Stars for solo player.

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So what do u suggest I do since I hate cheating and all the end game stuff take star metal

I don’t know. I’m solo player too (PC) and all I can think of is to start game and wait for the shower in the North.
Here they describe this meteor mechanic.
Of course it can be bugged in SP too.


Thank you for linking to the wiki page :wink:

If you are missing anything, feel free join us on discord or try to to contribute yourself - anyone is able to contribute!

If you do any testing ingame yourself it’s appreciated.


No problems here. I have lots and lots of star metal. It’s not your machine, it’s more likely others are harvesting faster than you or your in-world time. If you’re on an hour or two a day, you’ll hardly ever see the meteor. On my off days, I’m literally on 16 hours…(I need Conan Annonymous) I harvest star metal ore at least 3 times a day. lol

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It’s an offline solo game so not likely anyone getting there before him. I’m not sure how the mechanic works for solo games as the area would not be active in a solo game until you’re up here.

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I have seen the star fall both on the online side and offline side for me it occur during the night. The area I saw it in was mounds of the dead I saw it as I was walking towards the volcano but not in the direct direction and it occurred what looked like to be midnight at the darkest night. But I don’t know why you haven’t seen it. If you need star metal. The thralls near the mounds once enslaved you can break down there star metal weapons for that metal with a dismantling bench. A faster way to get it before others whom fight for that ore.


How many hour dose it take to spawn star meteor

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I have seen 2 within in 3-5 in-game nights time actually varies based off server settings. I have notice this is my experience with it looking up at the sky near the mounds of dead any location gives it incredible view and higher chance now this is just my opinion I like to believe it’s the dead falling back down as rare metals. But I do this and I swear it happens more often than not, probably just my weird luck with games. Every time I play pokemon my by first shiny is always a winggull within 10 minutes of playing (new), so idk lol.

Also welcome to the community.

Same for me take days to find 1 same for named trall in the den nothing exept some t-3 it was supose to be the clondike of trall lol.