Blackblood skinning knife in game?

So last weekend I was farming the black blood tools quite often.
Have that new bow >10 times, the axe only 1 time and that throwing shield also several times…

But: I have every tool >4-5 Times, except I have 0 black blood skinning knife…

I also never found an obsidian skinning knife at the vulcano. Are skinning knifes rare?

And is there a reason the wiki says the blackblood tools only have 7 harvesting power?

I believe there’s no skinning knife, for no better (or worse) reason than they simply forgot about it. But I could be wrong or out of date with that info so take it with a grain of salt.

Thats the cleaver or? At least a dev Said that in stream.

But for a cleaver you can either get the Maw of the Hyena (Drops from the Boss werhyena at the Den) or Chefs trusted cleaver at Bucaneers. It has more durability, but less harvest rate.

There is even a Wiki page about it and no disclaimer, that it is not in game…

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Sounds like bad luck. The black blood skinning knife does exist, I’ve got like 7. I had trouble getting the pick, probably took about 10 times.


I stand corrected. Misremembered skinning knife vs cleaver indeed.Thanks.

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Thx. So the only “mystery” is, why the wiki lists the harvesting rate at 7, when (at least with tool efficency mod) it has the same like obsidian?

With mod both have 11-12. And as the black blood tools are obsidian with black blood crust, it should not be lower…

Its not lower, it is on par with obsidian and star metal modded skinning knives. I acquired one early on after the patch. The wikki probably needs an update.

Well at least in my case, obsidian tools have a higher harvesting rate, than star metall (1 Higher). Acheronian has the same If there is a tool from it…

Otherwise I would never use Obsidian tools. Star metal looks better. The shining effect .

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