Legendary Tools

Black Blood Skinning Knife - still has the harvesting power of 7 i/o 8. It would be great if it can be brought in line with the rest of the Black Blood Tools.

A suggestion:
Since a Black Blood Cleaver is missing, would you consider adding +5 survival on Maw of the Hyena. It has 8 harvesting power already but missing the survival bonus to be as good as the Black Blood Tools.



Do you know this cleaver?

Chefs Trusted Cleaver


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is a lower tier, it only has 5 harvesting power

How do you know what the harvesting power is?

you can test it on x1 rates (or do the calculation for higher rates) or check the dev kit :

Formula for gathering quantity = ( Harvesting Power + [50% chance of +1] ) x Harvest Amount Multiplier



Thank you.

Although this would be great, honestly I think it’s too much to ask from the devs to do this. Reason why black blood clever doesn’t exist is cause they “forgot” about it, now that answers a lot of questions for me personally. Great game but need loves and doesn’t seem to be getting enough considering what the game did for their company. I do understand they try and work hard though. Keep it up FC!

It keeps longer and you can collect more with it.
I have tested all the tools and am very convinced of this cleaver.


Noted. Will repeat the test with it to see whether anything has changed.

I play on PS4, I can not play unfortunately on a Testlive server.
But I will test it as soon as the patch is available to all. :v:t4:


You know why there is no blackblood butcher knife?
Because the simply forgot it.

So adding it would be really great. Also fixing the skinning knife…

I have that too, but people told me its worse…
For Others: you get it from a 3 skull boss at Flotsam (next boss to him drops the broken glass)

Since you tell me something that I have done right after the update.
I have everything you can get until now. :smile::v:t4:


All tools were without any modifications. The test target was a Kudo:

Star Metal Cleaver - harvesting power 7 confirmed
14-16 Savoury Flesh per hit

Maw of the Hyena - harvesting power 8 confirmed
16-18 Savoury Flesh per hit

Chef’s Trusted Cleaver - harvesting power 5 confirmed
10-12 Savoury Flesh per hit


And from yesterdays stream: as the update comes on 3rd September, the blackblood tools will probably not be fixed…

Not necessarily true. the skinning knife is a basic id update in the numbers area that can be added with a few script updates.

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