Hardened Steel Requiring Black Ice... Not Good - PC Hotfix (05.09.2019)

Changing the recipe for hardened steel to require black ice is going to make life for people not living in the snow much harder. Black ice is mostly located in hard-to-reach areas and in extremely cold locations and requires said people to have cold armor and/or gear that they never or very rarely use. Also people that live in the southern areas are probably more than the ones in the north that use hardened steel weapons and gear

This decision is not practical, very limiting, and biased. It favors the north over the south. I suggest you remove this requirement or find an alternative solution.


Yes and no. Black ice even on 1x servers is really easy to mass harvest. does it make you travel yes. but part of the survival aspect is going where you are not comfortable. This isn’t Amazon Prime Exiles.


What does require black ice? Hardened steel for sure not, but items/weapons crafted from it?

The new PC patch is making the recipe change. Now instead of 2 steel bars and 1 brimstone, it takes 1 x steel bar and 1 x black ice.


WTF??? This is just plain stupid.

It really looks like interns are made this patch + hotfixes.

So people should go to the freezing north at lvl50? When you can make hardened steel picks…

Woow… Just wow…


The thing is, why this change when it’s been a year and a half untouched?, what made devs feel the need, or urge, to change this, at this time?. Is there anything we are missing here?.

Edit: not that I mind the change, got plenty stock of most things, just curious.


With normal/lvl30 gear, you survived up there? The cold?

@miodeleo Yeah… Instead of fixing bugs, the devs change things no one has ever complained. At this point, I am not even sure funcom knows what they are doing…

You already needed black ice and brimstone for making starmetal bar anyway.


It is more than likely something that was supposed to happen when they changed requirements on heavy epic armors. Heavy epic uses a lot of hardened steel now, and they wanted to move some of the burden off of brimstone and cheapen the cost of hardened to match its new use. Not saying i agree, but that would be the logic i can see.


Yep. And you can cheese right past the big guys to get under the stair way. Then pac man all that black ice.

But with lvl30, the cold gear is utter crap… The north was a nightmare for me, until lvl60, when I crafted epic flawless.


Oh, I see what you mean. Wouldn’t it have been easier to add a modified hardened steel, or other kind of metal for those, instead of touching the whole hardened steel based tools and weapons?. In our modded server there are other metals to craft special items, easy to implement.

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Or just not mess with it. IT wasn’t really anything the community was in an uproar about. Hardened steel is easy to mas farm, and it is needed for the higher end mid level stuff.


Hence my question, why did it come up in the first place as a change?, your idea of the epic heavy armors makes sense, still… unsure of how this was implemented.

Even with exceptional cold gear we made it from the mounds north, past the sabertooths (run Forest, run) up into the snowline, past the Ymir giant (get it while your there).
up billy goat ally. When you come to the T. Go hard right and up.
Piles of black ice, and ice, a few goats.
I dont think we even took warm food or drink.

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Yeah, but this was needed for cheaper construction (or faster, as it is annoying to make hardend bricks) and for end-game staff like STAR METAL!

Suddenly hardened steel needs it too! Which you need for many heavy armors, which arent good anyway (for players).
I am currently making flawless sets to have at least 1 of every armor-set. But silent legion (or godbreaker) is enough for thralls anyway.

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fresh lvl60 and got the game 5 days ago. i play solo on pvp servers usually in this type of games, and i tried now several times to get black ice - never made it back.

whoever the genius was who had that idea with black ice for hardened steel: THANK YOU! you made me quit the game.


Is the impact that bad on pvp servers?, I hadn’t thought about that to be honest, now it seems it will be a strategic resource as someone pointed out.

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For PvE its not such a big problem… Or when you are alpha and have maprooms everywhere. But PvP? Alone?
Or Funcom doesnt really want that people use heavy armor anyway in PvP.

And a bearer thrall is really bad against sabertooth (and 1 skull might even kill him). So you go farming with enc build and then get killed by lurkers who robs you of your black ice and who run around in an attack build…

That is part of the risk of PVP. Otherwise why play on it if you can get everything wihtout any consequences. And TBH, There are a few nodes scattered between the temple and the obbie over there. Can get about 500 easy. That is 500 hardened steel in one run.

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I usually go there in early levels (5-15) to get the obelisks.

Just craft some bedrolls and you are good to go.

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