Hardened Steel Requiring Black Ice... Not Good - PC Hotfix (05.09.2019)

My bearer (Dono) lost more than half his hp against 1skull sabertooth.
He had Serpentman shield, silent legion armor and black ice broadsword

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Or I run to Sinners Refuge and get 700-800 brimstone and high chance of T4 Asura or other T4s and no crazy sabertooth and mammuts.

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Ah. Ok, so I am the shield… yeah, understood that wrong.

And sabertooth, even the normal ones are still frightening… And when you run away, sometimes they will get more and more while following/jumping at you.

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Making heavy armor more affordable is understandable, buuut…

Why not just make the heavy armors require steel instead of hardened steel? It’s strange going from needing iron to make medium armor and then skipping over steel to require hardened steel for the heavy armor.


Definitely true. Good point sadly tho instead of changing the required metal for heavy armor from hardened steel to steel I can see FC changing medium to require steel instead of iron lol

Many people and even myself always criticised that decision…


This doesn’t make much sense to me either. You want your players to migrate from lower end resource zones to higher end resource zones, yes, I get that. BUT, you don’t want to have your player move into the high end zones when they are still in middle level gear. You want them to keep the migration parallel with their gear needs/availability. This is a spike to the resources needed to make middle level gear, and causes a tear in the space/time continuum that will bring about Q into our realm…!

Or not really, but still, this does create demand of higher level cold weather gear than what’s otherwise normally available to you. Yes, we can bring spiced foods with us, but that also creates artificial demand for those as well. And makes getting your tools to get your better gear that much more of a complicated hot mess, because now you have to farm food ingredients from the far side of the map (For the pirate food!) to get what you really want.

I realize that your next step is to go to the same area anyway once you get to star metal, but making us get there early puts an undo strain on leveling requirements, and twists your migration path for resources needed.

My suggestion is to make black ice available at lower altitudes around the base of the mountains near Mounds. This way it’s not so taxing on the gear required to get the resources you need to level properly.

Thank you.


Nice very Nice

I’m not going to be popular, but you are putting hardened steel bars on par with much rarer star metal. Since you need ore and black ice to make it.

Hardened steel wasn’t broken. And it was at the appropriate tier when you would get it and make it. Which was just mid map and around the highlands.

The thing is…is that you use it for master repair kits mainly.

Black ice isnt exactly hard to farm, but it does hinder players through thr progression unless everyone is running sub optimal higher survival builds.

Personally I am having a hard time even swallowing patching this game right now.

I love you FC. I really do.

But. This is about as smart as acid arrows. Uneeded change considering brimtstone is equally contested as black ice.

Overall. I’m not impressed. You just turned midgame into end game and halted a lot of progression.


This is very well thought and I fully agree. Maybe master repair kits could have been changed to use starmetal instead of hardened steel, if that’s what they wanted to achieve. I am still questioning myself why this change was done, what was the purpose of it. For epic heavy armors?, to make master repair kits harder?. Still I find no answer or what line of thought was applied to make this change. I don’t expect devs to explain every single change they make to the game, but something like this, that as far as I know, was never even brought up in the forums as beeing a necessary or interesting change to make the game more challenging, maybe could use some words from them to shed a bit of light on us players. I would appreciate it, wether I agree or disagree with it, afterall it is Funcom’s game to do with it as they see fit.

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You ideally need the 30 point vitality trait fierce vitality to survive up north or in the volcano, but if you can’t get it cause of your level just take a few alcoholic drinks with you.

If I recall correctly hardened steel use to require black ice to make, then they changed it to brimstone. I am fine with this current change cause using 2 steel bars for one hardened bar was too much.


Personally I feel this is a horrid change. When they made the change removing black ice from the requirements to make hardened steel I was overjoyed… Brimstone is more scarce, it is required to make the steelfire… This cut down on how much hardened steel was available to people who would not travel widely and often. This makes hardened steel TOO available. Alsom from a historic and metal working perspective, I liked the “non-mystical sounding ingredient silly-ness” of hardened steel. Funcom, if you want to change the recipe, make it: 1 steel + 1 brimstone + 1 coal (coal as ingredient, not as fuel)


Not to mention it doesn’t make sense. Why would you need black ice to make hardened steel? Increase the mats or something but black ice? Really?


I get it. But forcing someone to literally play 30 vitality is just perpetuating the same meta builds everyone has to use. Ultimately this is why people leave.

We are all using the same build 80% of the time. It loses the audience when other games allow more creative freedom

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Considering I’m a metalergist and a blacksmith I kinda have to agree that requiring a fictional ice to make a relatively simple style of steel is a little strange, but it does make more sense than brimstone. As a matter of fact one could argue that it’s used in a sort of constant quench that better hardens the steel, or whatever.

It’s the same to me though, both resources are in such specific places.

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This new change saves time, mats, and equals out the new cost for flawless epic gear. Black ice is easy to farm. My base was in the jungle and i was going up to get starmetal and black ice. Dont have the double tempered armor yet. Go to the den get the alcohol recipe. Get some glowing goop and make some alcohol. Then u can run around in the north naked.

With this change you get double the amount of hardened steel whether u gather iron OR farm. It saves times by not having to cook 2 steel bars per hardened bar. Dont wanna run the frost temple? Head east from the north obelisk and run up the mountain, there is plenty. Heck u can even get it from warmaker dungeon

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Thos actually was kinda brought up in the forums when everyone was complaining about the epic armors costing hardened steel now. This is their solution to the problem

You can do all of these things yes. But generally the progression works as such

Hardened Steel (Which you use for most mid tier weapons)
Star Metal
Obsidian/Black Ice
Flawless (Which costs Star Metal)

To get to the outer reaches where you get black ice you may need to fight giants and such. The damage output at that point will be steel weapons. Which is doable. But not ideal.

Assuming one does take a thrall which would help. It does mean the thrall will be doing the majority of the work. Which is something that many people felt trivialized the game.

It means that the easiest way to farm hardened steel is to kill people in the mounds and hopefully get star metal weapons or hardened steel. Again doable and repairable because you will get the feat long before you can safely get black ice.

I’m glad I dont have to level anymore.


I have no problem with this change,but maybe a least 10 black ice to 1 bar or something

Maybe they have plans for the south.though south is low starting tier,so yeah you have to move north is you don’t want to run around too much.but if you ask me the world should be more about your preference.south is more beautiful and I would prefer to live there ))

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