Epic and flawless heavy armor - why hardened steel?


Is there a reason, why epic and flawless HEAVY armor needs hardened steel now? Why not only STEEL?

For epic and flawless light armor, you need thick hide + other stuff.
For epic and flawless medium armor, you need iron + other stuff.
For epic and flawless heavy armor, you need hardened steel + other stuff?

Is that an oversight? Shouldnt that be STEEL?
For example lets take the flawless heavy pauldron and lets take a look, what we needed before patch (ATTENTION: all numbers are without any T4 50% reduction):

So before patch we needed 1 Heavy pauldron (normal) + 5 steel reinforcements + flawless padding. For the normal heavy pauldron, you needed 10 heavy leather, 30 iron and padding.
Hardened steel was NEVER anywhere involved.

This is after patch:
38 (in reality with T4 ->19) hardened steel bars and 5 steel reinforcements + flawless padding.

Even repairing it now, costs hardened steel. Something which was never involved in crafting that armor, before the patch…

Shouldnt that be NORMAL steel and not hardened?


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In my opinions those epics armors should cost more expensive stuff than just regular iron/steel since they are supposed to be the higher end of those armors. The change toward the hardened steel seem to be logical and to be expected. The thing is tho they should have done about the same with the other armors too. Maybe obsidian ingots to make those a bit more useful for all the trouble they are to craft.

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We’re used to using steel to repair, but it makes sense that epic quality armors would use hardened steel instead.

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The cost should have been whatever the materials needed for the base version, added to the list of flawless materials needed. I don’t know why they couldn’t do that and just call it a day?

In my opinion those “epics” armors weren’t really that hard to make for something supposed to be Epic with no real thing above them that you can craft and repair. And i shouldn’t be equipping all my thralls fighters with “Epic” armors that easily.

So instead only silent legion armor for Thralls, where the costs are unchanged?

According to the old wiki page, only steel reinforcements were needed.
Now steel reinforcements + hardened steel (I dont use heavy armor, just for my thralls).

Well you still need the hardened leather or layered silk/fur, where you need the alchemical base.
So there is the “expensive material”.

And for the new armors, you need obsidian bars.

The devs said, they wanted to get rid of crafting the baseform and then the epic/flawless. They never said, they were unhappy about the costs and most answers here, want even higher costs?
BUT WHY?? Grinding is NOT content. It prolongs the game, but not in a nice way!!

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What I"m saying is that I’m fine with the changes.

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