Flawless Epic Armor Cost

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Just for your information, literally change the hardened steel to steel. That’d fix it. Everything else seems to be on point. We all like that. But this 95 Hardened Steel for 1 set (I am a farmer and I farm in heavy for protection vs. thralls/animals) This is very expensive to lose.
Why the jump from Hide/Thick hide + Iron in some areas, Leather and thick leather, to HARDENED STEEL. What happened to the steel phase?

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The cost should have been whatever the materials needed for the base version, added to the list of flawless materials needed. I don;t know why they couldn’t do that and just call it a day?


and eliminate one bench

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I’ve been going over the other armor costs. Literally they just increase from Iron Bar/Leather. That’s it, It just gets higher and higher for Light-Medium
ALL HEAVY flawless/Epic/Exceptional goes from Iron Bars/Leather Immediately into HARDENED STEEL. Oh, ok.

Correct. maybe let me clarify specifically to the Heavy Flawless armor. Example: Level 1 Armor Craft bench was required to make the BASE Black Dragon Cuirass. Mats needed for this base armor is: 1 heavy chest padding, 30 iron bar, and 10 leather. These mats should have been added to the Flawless Dragon Cuirass list of materials on the tier 2 armor bench. Hope that makes more sense.

Funcom is unable to balance their game.

It’s been proven over and over already.

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Or for Stygian they go to Star Metal!!!

Hardnened steal seems pretty hefty, but a run through the mounds can net you a lot.

Star Metal is quite worse.

I am sure it will be reviewed

It’s an increasing push to increase the grind of the game. Which isn’t needed, I spent 1200+ hours online, and honestly these types of changes are what drove me away.

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Stygian has always been like that. No idea why.

Funcom is not serious enough for proper balance.

Getting 1000s of steels bars takes little effort. Converting them to harden… even less.
Stop complaining.

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