Free Royal Armor (Medium) requirements are messed up

I took a look at my Royal Armor sets and much to my surprise I see the medium armor has been stealth changed. The medium set now requires hardened leather to make it and the heavy set is still taking normal mats. This is an armor set good from about 20-25. Not sure why it needs epic mats to make a medium leather set.

Nice smooth moves there ex-lax who ever implemented that change to epic mats.

So before the Funcom apologists come storming in defending the devs… just like to say it’s evident quality control is not a word understood or practiced by them.

I am trying to catch funcom doing something good but unfortnately I am not seeing it.

Uhm… You sure you aren’t looking at the Epic version of the Royal Armor? O.o because there is one that costs the same as regular Medium armor…

If that’s not what you mean, then also from what I’ve seen, the regular medium armor hasn’t changed either? O.O not sure what you’re experiencing, but I’m sure not seeing the same

Pretty sure I am right its not armor you make on the bench.

Andf it looks like the epic heavy is messed up judging by my AR rating on stuff that I am wearing. When made its like 749 now its under 300 and there is nothing to repair. So that armor is resetting itself also.

I would rather point at another kind of problem with that armor:
It’s handcrafted but as we neighter can use a thrall to lower their costs, nor can handcraft one of the materials (that stuffing part?)… This is why it feels weird to me.

I would rather use up more leather and have a few twine added over being dependant on the armorers bench than the way it is now.

Actually, I never used that armor.

edit: Just saw the screens.
Both are the epic versions. For those its normal to use hardened leather. (Those purple thingys in corners tell about it being epic.)

Royal armor was not epic armor.- at least not when we got it. You do not make it on a bench. Stop looking at what you can craft on the armor bench look at what you can craft from your features craft list.

Armor bench has absolutely nothing to do with this armor.

This is absolutely the epic version you’ve got selected mate, like Nuria also stated :slight_smile: and yes, there was both an epic and a normal variant when we got it…

Edit: About the heavy armor thing, at the moment of taking the picture, have you been in combat with mace wielding npcs? Because a sunder has a tendency to put a “visual bug” on the character, where your armor value is/looks to be decreased (possibly until a relog)

Edit 2: And Nuria only points out that its sort of dumb/odd that the royal armor is handcrafted and not made at an armorers bench :slight_smile: technically, the lack of a thrall makes it a waste of ressource, compared to others… So no need to get testy really


where’s the normal medium then?

There has always been normal version and epic version. You have the epic selected on the screenshots. The normal is just next to it. I just crafted the normal the other day and no hardened leather requirement.

normal medium is found in the armorer bench :slight_smile: a regular armorer bench that is, unless you’re looking for the epic variant… Epic variant is ofc from the improved armorer bench

Look at the icons to the right of the ones you selected for the screenshots. Those are the normal ones.

That’s the heavy armor it takes iron ingots to the right and leather.

There is no Royal armor available on any armor bench spook its something we got as a feature. It was never on the armor bench list.

from what i remember we got medium and heavy Royal Armor and they took normal mats to make since they were like mid 20’s armor.

Don’t recall an epic version when I looked at them or used them.

It’s not heavy quality though, is it? I wear that armor full and I get the medium roll when I dodge. I think exile medium also requires iron (or it used to, I have not made it in a long time). The materials cost for normal Royal may look like heavy but I believe the armor functions like medium.

I do not recall it ever needing to use hardened leather though do you? Given the stuff needing hardened leather I would think of as medium or light armor like blackhand stuff.

Not the normal. The epic yes. The one you are calling normal heavy I believe is medium even if it costs iron to make.

I know dude… I thought you meant regular medium armor, not the Royal armor… The royal armor is where TikaTheHungry said :slight_smile:

The Royal armor was never a heavy armor set, its always been a medium armor set… the one you’re talking of, that takes Hardened Leather, is the epic variant… Look for the one that takes regular leather in the handcrafting menu

yeah that one takes leather and ingots.

Guess I am wrong about poor QC then. I take it back.

Just don’t remember the straight leather one being epic.

Default Medium Armor (ninja turtle helmet). Requires bench/LVL 10.
Medium Armor: 97 Armor. Requires Medium Lining, leather and iron bar.
Medium Armor Epic: 240 Armor. Requires Perfected Medium Lining, Medium Item & hardened leather.
There are Exceptional and Flawless variants, which significantly raise the values. Encumbrance Buff, Heat Resistance one unit per piece.

Royal is Medium Armor, as direct competitor to Defaults. Crafted from inventory, available at LVL 1.
Royal Armor: 114 Armor. Requires Medium Lining, leather and iron bar.
Royal Armor Epic: 304 Armor. Requires Perfected Medium Lining, hardened leather.
No Exceptional or Flawless. Encumbrance Buff, Heat Resistance one unit per piece.

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