Armor repair material costs seem excessive

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Repairing heavy high grade armor now requires Perfected Heavy Padding. This is the most material expensive part when making the armor, requiring 31 hardened leather, 10 elephant hide and 5 twine.

That means that repairing the armor will take nearly as much material as making a new piece of armor. That seems excessive.


Hey @Mego

Thanks for the observation, we’ll send it to our team for their consideration.


Fixing armor turned punishing now. I hope this is not intended gameplay.

Can’t you still use Armor Patch Kits? Not legendary, but Master Kits used to repair somewhat about 80% and required 11 Thick Leather, 3 Twine and 3 Hardened Steel Bars.


Yes it looks like after update 2.1 all things are very expensive now but the materials you need to get them are ultra rare. For hardened leather you need a lot of oil and getting oil now means you have to grind for days. Same for ichor.


I think the intention is to punish people who let the armor break by encouraging the use of kits. But that seems ill-thought. Crafted is on par with legendary though, so I guess use the armor kits you get on them.

The amount of bugs you need to farm for all the oil and stuff does seem overly excess, though. Even to make the set of armor in the first place.


The higher cost of crafting and repairing heavy armor makes it more valuable :moneybag: and unique. This armor will be for special occasions like raids, defending the base, entering dungeons or killing bosses.

For some time I have been switching from light to heavy sets only. I forgot what the medium armor looks like :smirk: and what bonuses they give. Now I will also have to :woozy_face: use them. It brings back memories :thought_balloon: when I was only wearing medium armor. :sneezing_face:

I was wondering if that was a bug or not, as I had only tried to repair me existing flawless armor and it wanted the perfected heavy padding. thought maybe it was just to get me to make new armor after the update. but if that is the case for new armor as well then that is just wrong.

At intermediate levels it’s easier to get a few legendary kits in the Unnamed City.

In Sepermeru you steal hardened steel weapons. Fix them with legendary kits
Light armour with cucumberance bonus, climbing kits. Go raiders go.

I have noticed that if you put the beat up armor in the dismantler you get the expensive part returned, which is nice.

Instead of repairing I dismantle and remake. I think the cost works out to nearly the same as the previous repair costs, maybe a bit more.

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Yes, I’ve got some light paddings from looted armor which I’ve dismantled for silk )))

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Yes its the easiest way to get paddings, collect armors from enemys and put them in the dismantling bench. The Cimmerian camp is good to become a lot of perfected heavy and middle paddings.

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Oh my word, you’re right. You can just recycle your armor for the most part once you’ve built it that first time.


em qual bancada foi parar o couro enrijecido ?

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