Repairing Epic Armor requires Perf Padding?

I went to repair my epic Hyperborean Slaver armor and it’s demanding perfected heavy padding. That can’t be right. When did that change?

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In this update. It seems most if not all armor requires padding to repair now.


Thanks. Hardened Leather is going to need a lot of oil and pixie dust. Oof. Time to get farming.

Yep. They nerfed the oil production and added the oil requirement (via padding) for repairs. That’s pretty much a middle finger to players…


You can still make oil from seeds. :rofl:

PS: with a bunch of fish traps and some compost crates with fat grubs, you can still make oil quite easy.
That’ll show Funcom that we cannot be stopped. joke

Of course, I won’t do that, because I have 22 chests of oil. Lol.


So this is what Alex meant when he said Patch 2.3 would be “Nude Lands”. No-one can afford to repair their armor anymore.


Well I did just explode my armor chest containing all my armor/tools/weapons when upgrading my base the other day. Granted it had some funky stability and as a veteran player I should know better than to upgrade the ground beneath an important container, but yeah I’m currently running around in my bare ■■■■ until I can craft some replacements.

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At Agility 50, I can get to ~50 % damage reduction without clothes, and I’m pretty good at dodging, so running around in my birthday suit is the norm these days anyway, unless ambient temperature requires extra protective gear.


Farming Legendary repair kits in the UC may be the most expedient way to fix your Epic armor now.

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Yeah, in Exiled Lands, legendary repair kits will be the way to go, unless they decide to nerf the drop rate to hell :stuck_out_tongue:

On Siptah, I suspect I’ll find myself crafting and using master armor patch kits. It’s more reasonable to have to spend 55 thick leather, 15 twine and 15 hardened steel bar to get my set of armor repaired to a certain degree, than to have to spend 775 leather, 775 oil, 310 thick leather, 310 gold dust, 620 silver dust, 620 ichor, 10 steel reinforcements and 40 hardened steel bars to get it fully repaired.

For those who don’t believe me, I tested it out last night before my game froze :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you need a T4 for this. Or is it part of the bench?

No, you don’t need any thrall. It’s not the legendary armor patch kit, it’s the master armor patch kit. It repairs your armor, but not to 100%.

Good news is that if you do have a T4, you’ll be able to craft the legendary kit.

All kits are now crafted in the tinker’s workbench.


Thanks. I got so spoiled on the old map I had chests full of legendary armor repair kits. The master one worked fine. Like you said not all the way but saved me a bunch of mats. :slight_smile:

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Purge thralls still making these?

Apparently any T4 Temperwright can now make legendary kits in the tinkers bench.


Good thinking :slight_smile: (I always forget that darn perk exists, because I expect it to be in with the Grandmaster feats from the Warmaker’s Sanctuary…)

The most expedient way to get perfected lining is to put epic armor that’s dropped for you into the Dismantling Bench. At least the Epic Cimmerian armor at the Mounds of the Dead will give you a perfected lining upon dismantling.

I did only test the Epic Cimmerian armor out with one item each for medium and heavy so it’s possible that not all pieces will give you the desired lining. I can’t remember which it was or whether it’s been fixed since I mentioned it in one of the patch threads but Black Hand (either pants or top) was giving the incorrect lining back. Instead of medium it was giving a light padding.

I also did not test this with the Epic Lemurian armor. Nor did I test anything from Siptah. I’m poor and cannot afford the DLC just yet.

Hope this helps alleviate some of the fear regarding the scarcity of oil.

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