Oil for materials. Way toooo long Funcom

Is anyone else finding oil a pain to get now? Since the update, you have to put insects in fish traps to get fish (it is no longer passive which is fair). Now the fish only give you one oil for 10 fish unless it is exquisite fish. I filled a fish trap with 300 insects. Logged off, waited an hour and logged back on and they are still processing. I took the fish that was ready and got 15 oil. That’s it, just 15 oil lol. Any chance in increasing this nerf @funcom ? In my opinion it is just too much work and time to get oil. I need 225 hardened leather. Hardened leather takes 5 oil, so after one hour, I only have 3 hardened leather. Just another 74 hours to go and I’ll have 225 hardened leather I need. This is waaaaay too long funcom.

Also, fish no longer gives ichor. Was this a deliberate change?


Try the same scenario on single player. When you log off, the game stops. You have to be online the whole time for those 15 oil to process. About the only thing we can do in single player is set it up and then get a good book to read or go watch some TV, because the game has to be “on” the whole time.


And if you build in an area where there are no practical fishing locations, your alternative is Seeds … an uncommon spawn from mowing the grass. So expect to do nothing else for hours and hours and hours, going through huge amounts of hardened steel repairing your sickle, the first time you try to make any epic armor.

The amount of oil per epic padding piece is nuts, for a resource that’s that hard to get.


According to the wiki, pressing coal gives tar, not oil.

Man, swapping tar for oil in the epic armor recipes would be awesome.

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Wait until you have to repair that armor. Repairing armor now requires the padding:

That’s a bug. It was reported in TestLive and not fixed:

It was then reported in live and got the same kind of response (“we’ll tell the devs about it”):


What’s funny is this was a proposed change like over a year and a half ago, they scrapped it. Why is this even back? The return is far too low, fuel time gathering far too high, and the decay timers are pretty darn quick. You’d need several hundred compost bins or to spend several hours just gathering fiber to make oil a viable fuel source. May have well just removed them from the game. This was the single worst thing to be changed in just about any patch I can think of in a long time.

Either change it back or increase the burn time of coal. This is the type of progress bottle necking that will suck the fun right out of the game.

And quite frankly these types of fish traps don’t have to be baited anyway


That’s a bug. It was reported in TestLive and not fixed:

What is the point in having a test live if they don’t fix the bugs before release haha?

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Coal never gave oil. It gives tar.

I started a new server on siptah with the new update, and I would like to play today but this really is putting me off and I just can’t be bothered to be honest. I never thought oil/ichor would put me off playing the game lol.

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I guess I won’t have an army of decorative thralls wearing Epic heavy armor on Siptah, right?

Don’t repair it at the bench. Make Master Armor Patch kits at the Tinkers Table, much cheaper.


Streamlining the crafting benches, yeah right Ive just barely started sorting stuff and realize now I need leather, thick leather, oil in twice as many benches as before.

Probably same with other stuff.

They need to remove oil then from certain reciepes that goes for other stuff too.

Yes, I know. :wink:

To be honest, I’m shocked to hear that people don’t use them. I’ve been using them for over a year now on all my epic armor. I guess I should really thank the clan mate that got me into the habit.

Yes after gathering 5000 fiber i ended up with maybe 400 bugs and some 350 seeds 1 oil per fish would make sense with the best fish giving you 10 oil the current way is a major time sink. When you reach upper game getting oil is a very painful process. 10 small fish for 1 oil are you kidding?
There should be more then a few ways to get oil in this game.

I haven’t been using them in Exiled Lands, because of the steady supply of legendary armor patch kits. Why use master kits, when you have legendary kits slowly filling up your chest faster than you can use them? :smiley:

On Siptah, it was still cheaper to repair armor at the bench (up to 2 steel reinforcements, up to 8 hardened steel, 100% durability) than to craft the kits (always 11 thick leather, always 3 twine, always 3 hardened steel, <100% durability).

But to be completely honest, my primary reason was that I hate the feeling I get when I “repair” something and it’s not at 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that the costs have changed, I have a reason to use master kits.

Also, all the numbers I’ve crunched are with “old” crafting stations. So when I say it’s 775 oil for a set of armor, that’s with improved armorer’s bench. Garrison armorer’s bench might help with the costs there. Still very high, though, so it’s probably best to stick with patch kits.

That said, they really need to either disable or slow down fish decay inside fish traps.


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