Crazy price for heavy armor

The price of epic heavy armor is a joke? 19 tempered steel for one piece? Are you serious?


Can’t really decide if the price is fair, but yes it seems like epic armor got a bit more expensive than the earlier combined price of regular and the epic upgrade.

crazy, heh. it depends on how many armors you are planning to make. not all of your thralls have to be equipped in top gear, especially as long as we have acid arrows. pvp-ers dont use epic sets or so I was told. in pve you dont really need that many sets anyway

The pricing isn’t that terrible tbh. The issue as of now is the acid arrow and the ability for people to troll your bases defenses. Like I’ve stated before we basically have to make 2 foundation thick bases and keep all our Thralls inside.

Hey there @Borzab, we appreciate all feedback but, since this is not exactly a bug report, we’ll be moving the topic to general discussion.

It’s fine by me. It’s a lot more streamlined to craft than the previous way, so I’m okay with that. Cuts out the whole “need to make the regular version first” silliness. Which may have made sense except you couldn’t even use regular exceptional or regular flawless, it had to be, err, regular regular.

I’d rather use more leather, a lot more even, than have to use hardened steel. A change for the worse IMO.


“not all of your thralls have to be equipped in top gear” -Yeah because that is why we’re mad. I’m mad that on a pvp server, which this just happened, someone killed me, rotted my gear. 95 Hardened Steel. That’s a lot of steel, steel reinforcements and now the contested, Brimstone. I’m not mad because of people trying to nerf thralls, by all means, do so, but don’t keep hurting the farmer base by trying to help the cry baby pvp’ers. Their armor is dirt cheap. light-medium is so inexpensive you can throw that shiz away.

trying to help the cry baby pvp’ers.

I think I see the common denominator here…

i feel you, having to farm alot to get it, then w8 to be melted down by some cheap acid arrows.

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