Armor Crafting Makes no sense - fix please

To make a flawless epic, I have to start with a most basic version, NOT anything better than the most rudimentary version of the same armor, then apparently rip out the padding and replace with perfected padding, then apparently rip off the armor surfacing, to replace with higher quality surfacing, to get the new final product, which weighs the same as that most basic version.

Who thought this up?

Let’s not forget that we need that old armorer bench, so we can make really crappy armor to start.

  1. Get rid of the old bench after upgrading to the Improved bench.
  2. Get rid of the old armor component redundant materials use. Start from scratch, using just perfected padding and the alchemical based outer surfacing.

Really simple fix to a crazy senseless system.

If the purpose was to force material grinding, then simply increase the number of materials used.

The worst of it all is the number of sets of flawless non-epic armor I accidentally make, which are now useless, because I should have made the most basic version. Just completely illogical. Really.

So is this in the works already and I’m too new to be in the loop? Please say yes.


To put it in real world terms: I want to get a really nice pair of shoes, so I go to the shoe store and hand them my old pair, which the stuff inside of a completely new pair, then put new insoles inside of it all.

The really strange thing is they don’t weight any more and I can now walk faster than before.

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I’d just be happy if the improved armorer bench would accept any grade of non-epic armor since I too screw this up quite frequently. But yeah, having to make the basic version first is certainly annoying and illogical.

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Agreed, it’s neither logical nor immersive. That said, it’s a minor annoyance at most. If I could make one change to armor crafting, I’d (much much) rather be able to pick any armor + stat combination, heh!

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I liked the suggestion I saw in another thread to let us pick a hot or cold lining for our armor. Given that skimpy armors like Lemurian Royal and Zamorian thief are cold-resist while the mass of heavy furs that are Pictish are heat-resist, immersion and logic clearly don’t factor into the current system.


I agree 100% with making a choice for hot, cold (and neutral!!) and also add a special component to set the attribute bonus for each individual piece of armor. I’d love to mix and match armor pieces, to create my own look, yet have the stats I need. I know a mod does let you choose your own special appearance, but I’d rather just build a sweet custom set.

So if they could do my OP suggestion + full customization, I’d be pretty stoked.


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