Crafting Epic Armor impossible

ever since I learned the Epic Armor feat it became impossible to craft the DLC armor and some armors learned through recipes in the world

ie if I want to craft Epic Dragon Armor, I need Dragon Armor, but there is no Dragon Armor recipe anymore since I learned epic armors…

use the regular armorer’s bench for the basic tier and then the improved one for the epic

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yah just found that out too, thanks for the answer anyway.
but how f… stupid is that actualy Oo.
whatever, thread can be closed.

funny that you call something stupid simply because YOU don’t understand it or didn’t know about it. :joy: glad that you have managed to get your crafting going though.

Well I’ve known about it since I learnt the feat and I think it’s stupid. How ridiculous that you have to make the basic armor on a standard bench and not an improved one. It is illogical that you cannot make all level of armor on an improved bench.


The reason for this might actually be the fact that you would end up with four recipes for each type of armor. With normal and flawless versions of the base and epic edition only distinct though the purple markings on the icon. It would completely overload the menu.
Unfortunately you cannot recycle exceptional or flawless version of base armour for crafting the epic one.

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I’d just make all the crafting stations directly upgradeable to it’s improved counterparts - which would work the exact same way with armor. Just upgrade it with the upgrade button, and pull in resources from surrounding storage boxes automatically.

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I wish you could sort the recipes manually. The ones on armorer’s bench, the blacksmith station, even your own menu. There are so many things to craft and I always end up spending a lot of time looking for things. I kmow you can click R3 and to “sort” the things, but I really wish I could move the recipes myself. Unless it’s possible, and that I don’t know how?

On pc there is a search function so you can search for a specific recipe. Does console not have that? I only own the game on pc. My ps plus ran out a month before conan was free.

It does have a search feature in feats, but only in that tab.

Ah then that is a bit of a problem. It’s such a useful feature. Maybe request it in the suggestions and hopefully they will add it to consoles to. With all the dlc armour these days it starts to get cluttered.

I tried a mod, briefly, that let me craft it all in the Improved Bench. First, I needed to add another mod that gave me more slots in the bench. Then I needed to figure out a way to process all the stuff and organize it. This way is like having another work/storage surface, and in some ways by forcing its use, the game shows you there is a reason for improvements. Ultimately, I don’t know if you’ve ever had to hurriedly craft replacement skivvies because your last set got blown off by another player, but it can be tough with only one bench.

Ideally the just selecting the basic version with a thrall in the station would craft the best version they could make, and it would be treated as the basic version after that. In other words, it would have the stats of flawless, but you could still repair it like you could with the basic version.

Epics could still be considered different sets and just have their own tabs so you didn’t need multiple version of the same crafting stations.

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