Request: Dragonbone, Obsidian, and Black Ice Weapon expansion

First of all, this one must commend that the equipment lists learned in the Dragon Bone (Armour weights) and Black Ice Weapon categories have been expanded over the years. It is greatly appreciated.

With the revamp of weapons to be agility or strength based, this one requests a little bit more development in these categories.

Now, not every material will have every weapon in it, that is fine and reasonable.

But this one would very much like to see three more weapons added.

To Dragonbone Weapons, Claws.
This seems like the most obvious of choices. Dragon claws are cool. Dragons have claws. Bone claws are in game. Claw/Punch dagger weapons are under represented. Dragonbone Claws. Pretty please.

To Black Ice, Shortsword.
Black ice weapons are made by enhancing hardened steel weapons. The shortsword seems a good fit as we already have the long, broad, and great swords.
Also, this one would love to see twin axes added to black ice… when and if we ever see twin hardened steel axes.

To Obsidian, Katanas.
This is mostly a personal joke because this one thinks almost nothing would be edge lordier than an Obsidian Katana. However, obsidian is sharp, katana is sharp. Black Blades are thematic.

Oh, and while at it, if Serpentmen weapons got twin swords (as many serpentmen carry two swords) that would be very very nifty.

Does anyone else have any items they feel would be a natural and good fit in any other in game base sets?

As always, this one realizes that others are more interested in bug fixes, and balance issues, ect ect…
This is not to suggest that instead of keeping the engine running we need spinning rims, just that this one would like these items if possible.

Oh, and if anyone wonders where the money for this would come from…
This one would happily acquire Blood crystal weapon skins for Shortswords, Katanas, and Katars to supplement the bathroom set already acquired. :wink:


They will probably get added to the bazaar later down the line like the dragonbone katana . Would be nice if they got added as actual content , im still waiting for my star metal armor set . Already gave the idea for dragonbone armor years ago . Even thought there is armor made with star metal , there isnt a actual set of armor that looks like its made with starmetal , wood be cool with the blue glow like the weapons . Also a obsidian armor would be nice


Ah, see, that is not at all what this one is asking for. The very opposite in many ways.

This one wants actual Dragonbone claws added to the the Lorestone in the arena.

A Shortsword added to the list in the Forge of Ymir.

A Katana added to the Lorestone near the Degenerate.

This one is requesting actual variety of options for these agility weapons, not Iron and Starmetal with another name or illusion options. Especially as there is still no way to craft Starmetal grade claws without a premium skin. But this one (perhaps naively) holds out hope that they will finish that set with Starmetal pata or other punch daggers.

Regarding Starmetal armour, would you want it to share stats with any existing armour sets, further, would it be a feat learned with points or something one acquires in play? If a Lorestone armour, where would you put the Lorestone?

Dragonbone tools would be nice too.

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Well originaly vanir heavy armor was star metal armor before armor revamp , so it would generally be a lvl 60 feat the you unlock , have a heavy light and medium set , for its a bit weird that we dont have a replacement for the original star metal armor

Where would you suggest it fall stat wise?

Also, what aesthetic would you go for?

Generally same armor value as silent legion but a bit more star metal to craft would say fore aesthetics would say similar to silent legion as in plate armor but more bulky as the game dosent really have a bulky tank looking armor and it would have little glowing blue lines on it like the weapons and the helmet could be a closed one with a similar slit like mk1 clone helmet

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