Dragonbone Katana

The Dragonbone Katana looks nice and is reasonably priced for a bazaar item, but it is made with star metal, not dragonbone.


What’s the damage profile on it? If it is the same as a Star Metal Katana, then it should take Star Metal. All Star Metal cosmetic items use Star Metal.

Dragonbone is a different tier than Star Metal.

This bothers me too. And if the logic goes that “x does same damage as y, x contains star metal therefore y must contain star metal” then the logic is flawed. The recipe should contain dragon bones etc. because it’s a Dragonbone Katana.


:roll_eyes: That is so funcom.

If you bother to read the item description, only the pommel is dragonbone.

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So make it contain all of the above PLUS Dragonbone (for the pommel)… problem solved.

The damage and penetration are the same as base game and DLC katanas made with star metal.

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It’s not an actual Dragon Bone Katana, it’s a Dragonbone brand Katana tm.

This one was also more than mildly displeased that it is not part of the Dragonbone tier of weaponry nor made with Dragonbone.

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Since its a Star Metal Katana, it takes star metal to craft. I don’t understand the confusion here. The look and name is irrelevant. When you make a Nemedian Katana or a Yamatai Katana you use Star Metal, not Nemedian Ore or Yamatai Metal.

You all are smart enough to understand this. Just make it happen.


The confusion is that there are already weapons in the game called Dragonbone.
The Dragonbone Sword does not have the same stats as a Starmetal Sword.
The Dragonbone Spear is not made with Starmetal.
They are made with Dragonbone.
Why would anyone expect the Dragonbone Katana to be a Starmetal Katana?

If they released an Obsidian Shortsword, should it also be expected to be a Starmetal Shortsword?
How about Black Ice Punch Knives?

People should easily be forgiven for thinking a new item named as tho it is part of an existing set would follow the rules of that existing set.


I’m not looking for forgiveness. I’m looking for a katana and maybe a shortsword made of dragonbone. :wink:

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Just get a musashi’s black blade or blade of the seven winds and illusion it with that. It’ll be better stats than anything dragon bone would do, and look way cooler.

or just make some of the dlc skins for other ingame recipes. Not that hard of a cincept. No pay to win, as it would be just an aesthetuc difference. This is just lazy programming.

I’m fairly certain it’s to make it just the same across the board like all the dlc weapons. One iron, one star metal. It’s consistent and there’s no need to farm anything out of the norm to get a new look for the same weapon with a different skin. It certainly makes sense and it’s convenient, even if it’s odd from a lore standpoint. However, the blood crystal mace is an odd exception to this rule.

The name is irrelevant.
The look is irrelevant.

Star Metal Katana: 48 Damage 11.48% Armor Penetration
Dragon Bone Katana: 48 Damage 11.48 Armor Penetration

Same weapons, same tier. Thus same material cost.

Dragonbone Spear: 46 Damage 9% Armor Penetration
Star Metal Spear: 45 Damage 7.65 Armor Penetration

Different weapons, different tiers. Thus different material cost.

The Dragonbone Katana would need to be 49 damage ~12.8% Armor Penetration to be of Dragonbone tier.

100% Correct here.

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Those are the only things the person buying them has to go on in the Bazaar.

If someone sales you a turd, but it looks like a Twinkie and is labeled a Twinkie.
That is more than mildly relevant.


True, but that is a problem with the Bazaar, not the sword. The sword functions exactly as it was intended.

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Yes, this one is aware that the Dragonbone Katana was deliberately designed to not be part of the Dragonbone set and not be crafted with Dragonbone. But that the name Dragonbone Katana and the look of carved bone were likewise deliberate. Is it therefore safe to conclude that the intent was a disconnect between the label and the contents?

Regardless of what platform a merchant does business with a wooden nickel, the nickel is still made of wood.
The fault lying with a depraved Caveat Emptor system is fine and dandy, but the wooden nickel is still a counterfeit.


Every purchased item has an Iron and Star Metal version. If someone hasn’t figured that out by now, that’s on the individual. Because:

Khitan Weapons don’t use Khitan Metal.
Aquilonian Weapons don’t use Aquilonian Metal
Argossen Weapons don’t use Argossen Metal
Pictish Weapons don’t use Pictish Metal (or even bone or wood)
Nemedian Weapons don’t use Nemedian Metal
Bloodletter Weapons don’t use Bloodletter Metal
Potain Weapons don’t use Potain Metal
Yamatai Weapons don’t use Yamatai Metal
Turanian Weapons don’t use Turanian Metal

They all use Iron and Star Metal.

Like I said, everyone here is smart enough to know this. Its a complaint because there is little else to complain about.

ahh, except here is dlc thatvis not in that vane. Blood Crystal - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Please explain why this one is different? Says it is a twitch drop, so not base gane.