Bazar and disappointment

Hi !

I have buy the article with dragonbone katana and two other weapons on the market. I though that it will be an new dragonbone weapon that need dragon bone to be crafted, but I m disappointed when I see that the recipe is iron for first tier and star metal for the high.

Why have you name this weapon dragonbone katana if it’s not a dragonbone weapon ! The recipe and statistique of the weapon sould be reveale before a buy with money, or it could be assimilate to a random game that can be at the limit of legalty. So I ask you to give more informations on the products you buy on this expensive market (recipe, damage, hp, penetration,…).

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More info is always good!

Yeah, that “dragonbone katana” is definitely misleading. I mean, I approve of the fact that it’s just a “skin” for a star metal weapon rather than “paying for new content”, but the item’s description should be clearer on the fact that it’s not, in fact, a dragonbone weapon like the other dragonbone weapons in the game.

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I have buy it to add a Katana in dragon bones to the armory of my game and… I regret my buy and I feel cheated.

The description of an object you buy must be detailled. When you buy a car you look all attributes before buy it. It will be the same here or the market place it’s just another poker game.

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