Bone weapons,armors and bone decorations

New player weapons Bone weapon and armors recipes auto at lv 1. Bone weapons and armors are low grade weapons and armors. Armors as light,medium and heavy. This allows players to test weapons. Also a deboner tool. The tool helps harvest bones.

The Skull throne a throne made of of human skulls.

Bone Chairs,Bone table,Bone Cage and Many more Bone theme decorations.

Dragon Bone Armor: Comes in Light,Medium and Heavy.

More Dragon Bone weapons: which every subtype is missing . I know 1 handed dragon Bone mace don’t exist.


I’m just over here hoping they re-use the meshes/textures of mistmourn on another legendary shield. That shield is awesome looking but very situational, especially while wearing silent legion.

We already have some bone weapons in the form of the Yoggite Bone Spear and The Tenderiser, both crafted at the Yog shrines. However I do like your idea of at least one set of Bone Armour. And even more so your ideas relating to bone furniture and ornamentals! Ater all I have long been an advocate of higher levels of brutality in this game. I posted this just a few days ago:

…torture tool ornaments, thralls in dark prisons. In addition, things such as thralls chained to boulders and impaled/crucified skeletons, placeable Stretching Rack, Iron Maiden and Throne of Agony decorations, archways made out of bones, black fountains which pour blood, foot bridges made from charred bones, horrific looking gargoyles and demon statues, dead blackened trees and spiky thorned bushes, Goblets made out of Skulls. And so on…

To me, your ideas are a congruent, natural extension of these. Well done. :smiling_imp:


Except for them recipes being automatically granted at lvl 1, those ideas are really, really neat!
I really like the idea of dragon bone armor of different kinds.

Yes I agree that it should not be lvl 1 too Nuria. While it would offer benefits to new players, which I am almost always all for, it would also create problems. For example, if it would potentially make the base set of Light Armour, and maaaybe even the Medium Armour sets redundant from the offset, if the Bone Armour had a higher armour rating.

EDIT: It would be cool if we had one lower level set made out of regular Bones, and one Exiles Epic set made out of Dragon Bones.

Bone weapons are cheap and are for new players. They do less damage than stone. Bone armors are weaker armor defense than regular armors.

Dragon Bone armors are high grade armors. Because dragon bone is a rare resource. Dragon Bone armor requires harden steel and dragon bones as base resources. The other resources in light,medium and heavy armors still apply in making dragon bone armor.

The Epic version requires epic armor resources and dragon bones.

There is a recipe close to the dregs that gives you a bone sword at level 10. So it is already there. Just have to find it. Getting to level 10 is relatively like 20 minutes for me, most of the time. Kick, climb, dodge roll, bedroll,pick for bark, build simple shelter , and just grab the obbie and dreggs POI while you head to get the recipe.


AND building the more difficult to build structures adds corruption!

There is a recipe for darfari weapons out there in the world (hint, it’s ritual adjecent) Darfari axe, sword and mace made from bone and fangs iirc.


same one i was talking aobut. Couldn’t remember the other weapons. But yeah, it is there, and tbh you can have it within 30 minutes on Officials. Level 10 requirement only. branch, bone and twine i believe.

oh yes, more bone type of decorations !! seriously.

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You mean something like these…
Say, some nice furniture
Or some stylish feature walls for the house

And those nice weapons and armour we were talking about earlier

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debatable if bone is lv1.

Finding Sharp Stones + Twine = good 1st weapon, thou I like idea in older suggestion, to have stone weapons unlocked, or “clubs”

Bone requires abit of work to make useable. It be a lv5-7, and take stone sword + bone to make darfari bone sword, then iron.

Also hoped for stone building to be upped few levels, and Fiber tent parts, that connect as starter home.

I agree with both parts. I wouldnt make them level 1, but maybe somewhere between level 1 and 10.

We definately need some more T1 building types. It is important to give new player options to entice them to stay. Myself and others have suggested Crude Wood and Mudbrick as some possibilities.

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