Pictish weapons materials

Wouldnt it make more sense if the pict weapons would require dragonbone instead of star metal?

I also would accept it, if the buildings would require dragonbone instaed of steel / hardened brick.


But dragonbone is a much more rare material, not easily acquired if solo. I think you would see a lot of people mad at or not buy the DLC if it costs too much to build the items. Add in the fact that the structures have comparable stats to other T3 items and using dragon bone would not be well balanced.

Yes both have a Point, but it dont have to be dragon bone ,

Ok, for buildings dragonbone would be too expensive, but the weapons, it would be ok.


can agree on the weapons, but require buildings require dragon bone is taking it one step to far :stuck_out_tongue:

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Make the buildings require regular bone and the weapons dragonbone… realistic and flows with the theme of the DLC. Maybe severed limbs or blood.

yea, altought, i was hoping for a more brute\savage style on the buildings, there is absolutely Nothing about those building pieces that gives me as much of a hint about picts, but i do like them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes but normal bone (and skin/ lether) insted of Wood on Buildings, its more fitting.

Oooo… like T1 Rabbit bone walls. Nothing says ‘brute/savage’ like a wall of bunny fur! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Actually, Dragonbone is fairly cheap. It’s pretty easy to sneak into the Unnamed City and kill countless baby dragons for stacks of dragonbone.

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At high level I agree, its pretty easy even for a solo player to bring down a dragon, even an adult.
For low and medium levels though not that simple, I guess Funcom wanted everybody to enjoy the new stuff immediatly.
I normally appreciate a decent grind to obtain something new, but I can understand that the casual and new player that just bought the dlc can’t spend a month to level and gather high level materials to enjoy it.

sorry offtopic but why do i have a feeling we play on the same server XD they have a thing for bunnies there XD

Pretty sure it’s going to cost the same mats as the other dlc. Probably Cold insulated.

I’m more worried about the armors. I’m expecting it to be cold resistant. What would be the worst blance wise?
Light - Strength (other options would be agility, accuracy and encumberence)
Medium - Encumberence (other options would be agility and accuracy)
Heavy - Agility (other option is survival)

Why speculate? It’s already out there.

All heat resist.

Light = Accuracy
Medium = Don’t remember. Survival I think?
Heavy = Strength

Well I appreciate the info…
Heat Resist Light Accuracy - already exists in Shemite Raider Armor
Heat Resist Medium Survival - Heat Resist version of Hyena Armor
Heat Resist Heavy Strength - Probably P2W

This is a bit dissapointing, the strength heavy armor.

But the comment was … replace the “StarMetal” requirement with “DragonBone”.
Replacing a Star Metal requirement with Dragonbone would be making it easier, not harder.

it makes some sense, but it’s set purely to be equal with all DLC building/crafting costs.

Ah, I see, the confusion is about whether the building materials should be dragon-bone, and I agree, that would be a mistake, as much as I hate farming stone for bricks.

IF only if i could mod this i would so would release a Mod just for this. It feel insulting for pictish tribe to not use bone when clearly all of their stuff and lore are about bones and hides.

For better or worse, all DLC packs seem to need to follow the “T3 only” path. A pity, even if I understand why they went this route. I mean, if they were ever going to break the mold, this was it.

Instead they went the “Aquilonian Frontier” route, which is certainly better than trying to convince us that the Picts can build T3-strength buildings.

Though apparently the Aquilonian Frontier is spikier than a Chaos Space Marine’s wet dream.

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