New weapons and armors for each race, bone armor and bone weapons

Every Race Needs there own weapon and armor. These weapons and armor are auto learn by a player of that race. Meaning it a free weapon and armor for everyone. Also thralls of that race now has access to those weapons and armors. Also your race is display in your stats screen.

Also I would like to add a new weapon and armor set. Bone armor and bone weapons. Also bone cages, Piles of skulls and more bone decorations. Light,medium and heavy Bone armor. A bone weapon for every weapon type.

Dragon scale armor. Instead of hide or whatever dragon drop when harvest. They instead have dragon scales and dragon bones. Dragon scale armor comes in Light and Medium. I would also like dragon bone armor for heavy armor. Dragon bone armor requires dragon scales and dragon bones. Also a dragon bone weapon for each weapon type.

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Dragons drop dragon bones, a single dragon uhm… other bone?, their heads, lots of meat and blood.
So scales would be the obvious next step. But please no skirts, we got enough of those. :sob:
(And they totally arent to my liking… Well. My problem.)

Oh, and dragon bone weapons? Are already in the game! Those famous dragon bone arrows, which deal 18 damage, but will only produce one single arrow per craft (and thus arent worth it, better stick to obsidian).
I dont really want to spoil you, so you can just check youtube or search elsewhere. (You will want to be 55 and have learned starmetal tools.)

But as for each race starting with their own armor feats? Sounds neat! Though I kind of guess those wont be added. :frowning:

What about the bone weapons and armor I suggested. You know to add to the bone shield range of bone stuff. You also didn’t mention bone decorations.

I said a weapon and armor for every race. Not just a free armor. A free weapon and armor skill.

Dragon scales added to the drop list. If I didn’t list dragon bone I would get thst 1 person who would have said I forgot to mention dragon bone. I think dragon bone weapons are missing a few weapon types. If not then it’s fine.

There is indeed a dragonbone weapon for each weapon types. And a shield.
No armor, though, and I concur there could be.

Bones can be used for Darfari recipes ( armors and decorations ), arrows, and Hyena Pelt Armor, at the very least. However there are no pure bone armor, as in, say, Kain’s bone armor in Legacy of Kain, nor are there any bone weapons to the best of my knowledge. It could be a nice addition for very early characters.

As for racial armor and weapons, I wouldn’t give the recipe to players. I’d prefer them to be available only for thralls of a specific race. There is already something more or less similar to that in the game with Blacksmiths, but it’s a little weak for now.

Agreed for race on character screen. Unimportant data, but I hope it’s only temporary and it will play a more active role in the future.

So there a dragon bone mace,sword,two-handed sword,axe,hammer, one handed spear, two-handed spear,two-handed mace and dagger?

Make sure. Don’t want to leave out a single dragon bone weapon.

Bone armors and weapons are cheap and easy to make. More bone decorations is needed.

Free armor and weapon players. Most thralls required you know the recipe first. Each race deserves there own free weapon and armor skill.

I feel a free weapon and free armor skill adds value to each race.

Regular bone weapons and bone armors would be useful. It also a start to heavy and medium armors.

Free racial armors and weapons would allow each race to feel special. Plus it adds to a clan.