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Well first of all I believe that the timing we can craft dragon bone recipes is wrong. We should be able to craft them from lvl 54,and not 60, because, at this time you can farm legendaries too so the dragon bone farming other than arrows is useless. I know that you can fix cheap and strong weapons to guarding thralls for pvp, but I believe that we don’t really enjoy as gamers these recipes a lot. There for I would love to be able to fix at least dragon bone tools. Yes we have a lot of tools either, but to defeat Dragons from lvl 50 is challenging and beautiful. So if I knew that to fix a dragon bone tool would cost me 2 dragon horns and 30 dragon bones, I would do it happily. Ofcurce these tools might trigger you to farm and all the other Dragons except red Mama. Dragon slaying is wonderful but not so needed, I believe that the game should win if we had more reasons to slay Dragons. Thank you,


The hatchlings are kinda slow; that a level 50 could manage to slay them. Just need a tank for the moment.

I like the sound of dragon bone tools. They might be out of reach until a player is of higher level than 54 for the solo player, however.

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I play a little unorthodox this game. Because of my origin I couldn’t find teammates so easy, since in Greece this game is not so popular unfortunately and the fact that I live in an island make it more difficult. So when I closed some months of gaming I decided to go online, I spend to much time alone in this game even in the online mode so I knew I had to do something gamebreaking for noticed by others and start getting invitations. Building beautiful was not enough :joy::joy::joy:. I learned all the must have locations, the safest paths, how to deal strong opponents low lvl and take what I need. There for I can assure you that lvl 45 you can have epic armor and legendary weapons, ofcurce a cimmerian berserker (I hate Teimos) and start your unnamed city runs. Your lvl up in unnamed city and warmakers dungeon is pop corn :joy::joy::joy:. Green hatchling is something you can definitely kill naked with stone daggers and darfari axe, it will take you some time, but you can do all this fight unharmed, it just doesn’t worth the time that you have to spend to do it :wink:. To the new server I play now, about 3 weeks, I got lucky and get a Yogs touch at lvl 47 and the festering at lvl 50, so the rest is history I guess. I don’t encourage players to play my style, not at all and I cannot ask all the players that play this game to have 2 years experience from day one. Still I believe that dragon fights, even with the stomp bug, are way the most beautiful fights in the game and they should be more rewarded, that’s all. Thank you for your time m8. :+1:.


Si es buena idea

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@Jovan1990, Thank you my friend and welcome to the community too. If you want share more in your language and I promise to use translation, you don’t need to type on English. Thank you again :+1:.

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