Mke sinkhole edge a no-building area

People keep building elevators there. Okay, its nice but makes the whole dungeon useless. Every noob is running around with dragonbone weapons. Just build an elevetor down, grab the recipes and kill a babydragon. Thats it. The once hardest dungeon in game became a joke.

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It’s not a hard dungeon even if you enter via the normal doorway. You can simply run past whatever wants to hurt you, go around the undead dragon, grab the recipes and exit the way you came.


I would make it like Black Keep. We should need something from the undead dragon to craft the weapons. Otherwise its really way too easy for such good weapons. Dragonbone weapons are almost as good as legendary weapons and its harder to make starmetal weapons than dragonbone.

Hmmm… thank you for advise, I didn’t think of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree with you on the ease of making dragonbone weapons. Getting the recipe is easy, so getting materials for the weapons should not be. I never bothered with star metal weapons because it’s a huge pain to gather star metal, as compared to gathering dragon body parts when I’m killing the Red Mama and her babies regularly anyway. I can equip all my thralls with dragonbone weapons with lots of bone and horns to spare - and I have many, many thralls.


Yes, did it lately again with a new chars, some lvl 20+ if i remember right.

Like still, don’t get catched. :wink:

Mostly i try make me a star-metal weapon set at higher level. I mean i love the look of them. While dragonbones are easy, and i love mostly the look, i still enjoy a nice starmetal pike with some nice shine.
But i agree, can be tedious to get, all depends also server you’re on.

Agreed. I’d love to love star metal weapons because they look lovely, but they’re in a niche that makes them unfortunately a very unattractive option in late-game. Just about every other high-level weapon is either better, or easier to make, or both. Heck, it’s easier to farm legendary weapons.

Yes, it depends what. Pickaxe it’s worth it if you have enough to repair it from time to time.
The rest is up to each, and more a cosmetic choice for me. Some are worth for the more durability, but not all.

To get the recipe you have to be level 60, so I don’t understand the “each noob with dragonbone weapons” issue.

Dragonbones have to be more hards to farm ? Imho not until dragonbone weapons are weakier than serpentmen ones (wich are made in IRON and don’t even require to do the dungeon of the Well of Skelos to be acquired !).

Having an elevator at sinkhole it’s simple an easy way to go harvest grey lotus without having to run past all snakes and undeads of the first part of the dungeon.

Even if I admit: when I go farm grey lotus I want to kill the giant snake for the key too so I don’t use them in any case :stuck_out_tongue:


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