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For better or worse, all DLC packs seem to need to follow the “T3 only” path. A pity, even if I understand why they went this route. I mean, if they were ever going to break the mold, this was it.

But then why would the players that have reached the T3 stages buy the pack? And i think that atm most of those who play and are buying DLC are in that mold.


Hence why I said I understand why they went this route.

But to answer your question - not everyone plays at the bleeding edge of functionality, even if they’ve reached it. I’ve several structures inside my perimeter that are T2, since T2 buildings (both stonebrick and insulated wood) are the two most visually pleasing to me. Aquilonian is beautiful, but too posh for most buildings, and the other T3 is too spiky and “unfriendly”.

Goes without saying that the Frontier buildings fall in the “too spiky” category too. Though the inner side of the walls and frames are absolutely beautiful, and I’d love to be able to use a double-sided version of those for inner walls.

I am aware that doing things that are not mechanically speaking the most efficient is anathema to a certain part of users, and that’s fine we each have our preferences, but they’re not 100% of the userbase.

So, while I bought the pack, I still feel the need to mention that there are those of us who wouldn’t shy away from buying “lower tier” packs too.


Exactly, some people play on PVE servers, a T3 base is not mandatory there.

I too would choose T1 or T2 building parts, if they would look more conan-pictish, which means bone and skin.


Sounds like we need a Darfari DLC with bone and skin “tent” building structures. Skull decorations, too.


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