Adding missing weapons from each set

I’ve been playing for a year and I still don’t know the reason why there are missing weapons from different sets. I’ll put some examples:

  • Obsidian: 1 Handed Axe and Bow.
  • Serpentman: 2 Handed Sword and Bow.
  • Dragon Bone: 1 Handed Mace.
  • Star metal: 1 Handed Axe and Throwing Javaline.
  • Khari: 1 Handed Sword, 1 Handed Mace, Shield, Throwing Axe and Throwing Javaline.
  • Aqueronian: Hammer, Spear, 1 Handed Mace, Daggers, Bow and Throwing Axe.
  • Black Ice: 2 Handed Sword, Hammer, Spear, 1 Handed Mace, 1 Handed Axe, Daggers and Bow.
  • Venom-Infused: Hammer and 1 Handed Mace (I’m not putting Bow or any Throwing weapon because it would be to OP).

I didn’t put the weapon types 2 Handed Axe and Shortsword because they are kind of “new” (Also they were meant for people who buy DLC’s to have more options). Also I didn’t mention either arrows or tools because I don’t consider them “weapons” but as ammo and tools (Obviously), but there are also missing items from that categories too.

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