Shaftmaker incomplete?

So… shaftmaker. Level 60 endgame stuff and all. So, why are the javelins and throwing axes and daggers missing from each category? Furthermore, there are no throwing axes or javelins period for racial dlc. Just daggers.

This still a work in progress? This is kinda the same issue with haftmaker and hiltmaker. Like axes? Only acheronian. You like Hammers? Only star metal. This really reduces the options for end game. I mean, there are no options period, there is practically only one weapon for the lvl 60 upgraded weapons.

Back to shaftmaker. You have 1 javelin (which, I think should be turned into a proper two handed spear and thrown into haftmaker… the thing looks ridiculous for a throwing spear/javelin), then you have 1 option for daggers and one option for throwing axes. Meanwhile, zero options for javelins and throwing axes on dlc’s.

I suggest on each weapon category to have 1 acheronian option and 1 star metal option for endgame. Make one stronger and less durable, the other more durable but weaker, to give some form of incentive of having some more options for the lvl 60 weapons.

I personally love playing with javelins. And the endgame option for them is really not something I like at all. Looks more like an acheronian fishing spear, and that is all we get.

Went off to check the dlc weapons too since I am keen on buying a few… no javelins period.

Going for an Aquilonian a la Ancient Greek style character. We wants our javelins people xD

I really hope this is just unfinished. At which point its ok cause its something that will eventually come. But if it is intentional… Im completely against it.

edit: going to assume its unfinished. Because I notice the javelin has been getting little love period. The new combat finally made it a little better (the throwing axe much more with new combos), but before, javelins didn’t even have a 4th combo. LOL. I’m so hoping this is just work in progress.

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The dragon bone weapons have a throwing axe and javelin. Honestly dragon bone is endgame and deals better damage than most other non legendary stuff.

Yeah Im aware of that one too. Thnx forgot about it. Still nothing much of a choice though. 1 handed and 2 handed swords on the other hand have Acheronian, Star Metal, Dragon Bone, Obsidian and Silent Legion options.

Btw, I can’t remember if Obsidian has Javelin and Throwing Axe. Does it?

They should still definitely add them to the DLC’s though. I mean, Aquilonians with no javs? But we get 3 Katana variations for Yamatai? o.O

Obsidian does have the javelin, throwing axe, and arrows

yeah just checked. there is the serpent-men javelin too i think. still hoping they add as many options for them (especially the javelin) as the other weapons. They seem to be getting less “love” if you know what I mean.

btw, problem I have with Dragon Bone is its durability. Other than that its quite strong. Just gets a little annoying repairing its stuff so often :confused:

Its a good tradeoff though. I wouldn’t want them to change it. These are the kind of different options I was hoping for with say a star metal javelin, etc

Dont see a reason why the base “end-game” recipes (acheronian and star metal) can’t have every weapon and we need to rely on recipes we find and learn alone. Love finding recipes, but not for them to be my only options if you know what I mean.

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