Content that could or should be added to the game

1 obvious thing they can add is star metal armor , since the original became vanir heavy armor , also they could complete original sets example star metal katana , obsidian katana , obsidian two handed axe .or change the armors for yog and ymir religion since they are just copies of dafari and vanir sets . Complete the black ice weapons set also and with a armor that includs ice on it . Also crossbows should get added back to the game.

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There is a star metal katana.

Would like a dragon bone mace though. And black blood pickaxe please.


Nearly every armor has an epic version which is star metal.

Completing the other weapon sets sounds like a decent idea, like @Tuffman said, I would love a Dragon Bone Mace and Black Blood Pickaxe. It would be nice to see them bring The Pecker back too. :smiley:

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I mean one that actually looks like star metal

But a actual star metal armor , like imagine armor that looks like the weapons dark blue with lights

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This one is in general agreement.
While most epic armours incorporate Star Metal, there is not one that looks like it in the way the weapons do.
But what should it look like?
Would it have light, medium, and heavy versions?
Perhaps only heavy or medium. Medium mail, Heavy plate? Possibly not dissimilar to Silent Legion but with fewer skulls and chains?
As a base game set it should probably boost stamina or carry capacity, but all that bling may best serve follower damage/concussion damage.

Likewise, Khari Armour could use a heavy set to balance it’s current suite.

The top of this one’s wish list is a Black Ice Shortsword.
Also a set of Double Axes in Black Ice.

Hard agree that the Dragonbone weapons could use expansion. Tragic that the “Dragonbone Katana” is not, in fact, a Dragon Bone Katana, moreso that it will likely prevent the addition of Katanas to the Dragonbone set.

But before all that fun stuff…
We probably could use a star metal tier of claw/punch dagger weapons as well as a further exploration of craftable double swords/axes.

This one understands the lack of implemented crossbows, they have the jank, but at least restore them to the admin panel.

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