5 items I would like to see added to the game

Hello and salutations , it’s been a long time since I posted. I stepped away from the game. It just simply needed more development time,

I’ve been thinking the game it needs a new mechanic, it needs to have rafts boats barges and ships added to the game. And the ocean area expanded out. This all could be accomplished with minimum undertaking, and oo flush out existing Building Systems. And reuse existing assets. And continue to build on the strength of the game. Also people could build bases out on the water, that moved. It would be harder to raid,

I would love to have a fishing barge. Also be able to fish with a fishing pole and pull in random fish. That had some type of random reward like spawn treasure maps, are some type of special loot that the fish ate. That would randomly spawn in in the world and I would have to go find within 4 hours.

I would also like to see a fast travel shrine, that came from a a deity shrine. When you craft the statue it would give you a pair of them. Oh, and they would be linked together and you would be able teleport between them. So wherever you place them is wherever you teleport to. And the ability to give a name to the statues also. Like the ones that come from the Mitra shrine. But they would unlock the ability to fast travel to your other bases. And you can name of them, and you can place them inside your buildings. I’ve seen mods that offer this.

I would like to see more stuff come from the shrines. More weapons, and Specialty armor. Weapons having a special effect like lifesteal, Poison, Underwater breathing. Basically a series of status effects.

I would like to see a Khrom shrine added. That added crafting abilities. Like special tools axes and hammers. Krom shrine

Centralized around crafting and building

Would like to see the father’s sword added to the game. Broken and unbroken versions

Two handed black ice sword.

the ability to turn thralls into vendors. Were you could store items on there and players, could come look at the inventory. And purchase items that other players wanted to sell.

One cannot possess a Crom Shrine since he offers no value or service to those that pray to him.

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Hi there @BrokenFang. I definately like your ideas of a Two Handed Black Ice Sword and some kind of features for Crom! I am a huge fan of Crom, and for months now, I have been leading the charge to get Crom an overhaul which is still within the parameters of the Conan lore. As such, I have created an entire thread dedicated to advocating for such an overhaul. If you would genuinely like to see Crom recieve some in game features, then I strongly encourage you to visit the link below and vote it up. Feel free to post your viewpoint or discuss ideas there too if you like; everyones views on the matter are respected.

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Doesn’t need to do nothing thou, Just advance the two Journal entries. Doesnt have be huge ether. Just sword in a skull on ground. XD

5 items. (I’ll go to items… over new stuff like content, or you’ll be reading 50 paragraphs of bad grammar and spelling)

#1 Wall Grates, (think jail bars, but would allow you to place them aka as a wall for a jail, Or in water to allow water to flow thru. (Roleplay…I guess)

#2 Balista
Cause Catapults are neat… but these would be fun. Explosive tips, Poison clouds, Arrows Spray, Heavy Bolts etc.

#3 Tents and Cloth. (but we have tents?! Sera, you crazy!) Not like “tents”
At lv1 you take some fiber, and some branches and make a square roof tent, and sloped one, and Open path one (like door way canopy we have) And they connect and lock on one another.
Your 1st home aka building materials before you figure out sandstone. But limited. No base floor, no fiber stairs.

#4 3x3 or 5x5 Foundations. Or pre-made foundations. Aka think Catapult Foundation, Comes with pillars and stairs. And allows wall to connect to edge. Quicker way of building tower/small home or hut.
Lumped in with this, Heirs of North Huts, they have some really nice small houses and large circle huts…I want. (you can take one of few over, but they offer zero shelter right now)

#5 Hoods… Skelos is nice…BUT… its heat protection, and we could use a cold protection one.
OR… Tools that add cold/heat protection to armors (like weight reduction and armor bonus tools) Then I could just do that…


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