Suggestions and questions i guess lol

Please Can we get the following features. and what happened to the features I posted below?

  1. More filter on the crafting. Separate what we learn in the world from exploring.
    And other filters so its not one big jumbled mess.
  2. Quests from our gods. Make it so we have to do something for them? gain more favor or getting epic stuff from them would be cool
  3. Thrall markets have them set up a stall so we can sell excess resources (note there is a mod for this)
  4. Mod system It is so clunky having to enable mods in order and log out and log back in. There are other games with better mod systems. Were you just download the mod and it works on the server you set or not. No loading in order. Or downloads the mod if you join the server and don’t have it. Can we get something like this?

Missing Features from Streams.

I am sorry if this is posted some were else I looked but I could not find so sorry if its double.
What happened to the following features.

1.Living base. They said about a year ago we would be able to assign out thralls tasks like turning on lights. Moving/patrolling the base and making it seem like a living base.

  1. Magic? is it coming

3.Taming and having pack animals for moving more stuff.

  1. Better Purge. Like they set up a base on the outskirts of the map and we might come across it. Having Named NPCS not just oh its Ice giants or undead. It was suppose to be a living army that we could get Thralls out of like epic thralls.

That’s about it.

I really do love the game just asking what happened to some of these items and maybe adding the other I suggested.

Thanks every one

(I am a healer lol)