Repairing Grindstone should repair tools

I finally used this thing today. Was disappointed to find it doesn’t repair tools.


I refuse to use it. Happy with my decorative one. :roll_eyes:

It does say “Decorative Grindstone” in the description.

This one agrees.
After all that work on the journey steps, and it doesn’t want to work on tools.
While it does say A Grindstone for repairing weapons most tools have weapon stats…

Not the worst thing in the world, but disappointing.


It repairs weapons.

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Color me enlightened.
That’s a new one on me.

But for repairing weapons and most tools???
Come on! Everyone knows you use a grindstone to sharpen edges.
Maybe upgrade weapons with it at best.
But repair??

Decorative Grindstone (Library scroll) is a different placeable to the Repairing Grindstone (Journey reward).

The costs of them aren’t much different, so I replaced all of my Decorative Grindstones with Repairing Grindstones, but I would never actually use them. They are still just decorative grindstones with a nicer name.


I guess that new grindstone is a fairly new addition.

It came with the new journey steps, along with an improved tanner bench and improved dismantling station.

It uses Oil, and reduces the maximum durability of an item a little to repair it to the new maximum.
In that regard, it works for “repair” of edged weapons and tools, in that letting them go dull will ruin their lifespan.

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And this is exactly why I stick to decorative ones.


I definitely wouldn’t use it on legendary weapons. I thought it’d be good for tools. Funcom thought it wouldn’t.


Tick off 2 more journey step to pass o with my main give it a try with alternate.


Not sure… I used it once and it actually repaired EVERYTHING on my hotbar… Szeth’s truncheon, Black blood pick… weapons… bows… everything :smiley: Keep in mind you need all your weapons put away… so it’s not repairing the one in your hand but actually the ones that aren’t…


It does. It also repairs all damaged items put on your hot bar :upside_down_face: Another outstandingly brilliant FUNCOM idea :nauseated_face:

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Interesting. Perhaps a bug on PlayStation? I had steel pickaxe, didn’t repair. I’ll have to try the star metal.

Like Xevyr said - it doesn’t repair the item you are holding in your hand. Make sure to sheath it before you click the stone.

Wouldn’t surprise me for a moment


Thank you. I tried again, it works while not having the pickaxe in hand. :+1:t2:

Enjoy your weekend everyone! :tumbler_glass:

Okay, I went ahead and actually checked the code :slight_smile:

Indeed it’s as I thought, it iterates through your shortcut bar inventory. (whenever you equip an item it gets moved to your equipment inventory, hence why it’s not repairing equipped items).

And it’s actually not that bad… it repairs all of them to full regardless of how much they’re broken (as long as it’s not completely broken) and only reduces their max durability by 1% regardless of the amount of damage repaired on them. Also uses 1 oil per item, regardless of the amount repaired… So if you have like in-between star metal weapons and whatnot, it’s perfect and will save you a lot of materials.
I’ll definitely be using it from time to time.


I suppose it has some value in role play purposes aside from aesthetic appearance.

If anyone played Skyrim before, you’ll remember your character actually using the workbenches (such as grindstones). Although the animations (such as “Work Metal”) were rendered in the background when actually working on a specific item through the inventory window.

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