Is the Black Ice Broadsword 67 damage intentional or a mistake?

Basically the title. Have looked for other topics on this but can’t find them. Saw a video from a year ago that it’s damage used to be 47. How can it now have damage nearly on par with one of the most powerful two-handers in the game (Telith’s Sorrow) when I can get it just by clearing the frost temple at lvl 50. It’s nearly 50% stronger than a starmetal sword and has 9% armor pen.

Is it just that is has low durability? Because black ice and hardened steel are extremely easy to come by. Any illumination on this much appreciated as it seems to render most of the high end one-handers (and two-handers for that matter) completely pointless.

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I can’t reply for sure but I think it’s intended.

Making a black ice sword is currently more difficult than to make an obsidian sword, and anyway the full light combo of a predatory blade deal 1.5 times the damages of a full heavy combo with this one, so it’s not even so powerful.

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There are a great many swords out there with better stats. Predatory and Crom being two. The Ice Temple may seem easy to you at 50, but it was very difficult at one time. With the advent of following thralls that wear black Legion, have 9900 HPs, and are immuned to cold and carry Crom swords, it has become very easy to clear just about any dungeon or city on the map. I would say Funcom increased the DPS to bring the sword inline with all of the other swords currently dropping from mini-bosses and the Red Mother. My personal favorite is the lying bastard sword, that looks like a one hander but does DPS like a two hander and has a unique looking heavy attack. Im assuming it is a hand and a half sword, but not sure where the “Lie” comes in.


I believe the sword is lying about being a sword. It is an axe in a sword’s guise.


Starwalker has it. It claims to be a sword but behaves like an axe. And of course it’s a play on being a “lying bastard”, since it’s a bastard “sword” etc. as well.

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Interesting. I suppose to me I always assumed that black ice was meant to be the bridge between hardened steel and starmetal. Having played for a long time but always changing characters. Finally leveling to 60, going and hunting down the meteors (that whole thing) and then FINALLY making that flawless two-handed starmetal sword aaaaand… it’s significantly worse than the one-hander you’ve been using for the last ten levels.

Guess it was just that initial disappointment and obviously starmetal hasn’t been end game content for a long time. Immediately went to the forgotten city and killed the Red Mother and the Bat Demon a couple of times, and ended up with a Riptide. Which I actually find weirdly enjoyable to use (having never touched javelins before) and the waterbreathing flavour is nice for the current new dungeon etc.

Go to the black Keep and learn the Tellith’s Lament and Tellith’s Sorrow recipes, then wait until the Kingscourge respawn to kill it again and harvest a 2nd Kingscourge heart. Then you’ll be able to craft both weapon since they only need hardened steel and blackice with 1 heart each.

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The difference is, the black ice sword is capable of being mass produced, while the these 2 depend on RNG numbers to drop.

Black ice broadsword has never been used because it’s inconvenient to make. My clan had like nearly a vault full of star metal from our raids and we could just make it at base. Black ice broadsword took more ingredients, required a trip to the frost temple, and was worse in every stat. I’m glad they buffed it, assuming you didn’t just run into a bug.

It does currently sit at 67 damage, which seems high for a 1-hander. It also has the cooling effect, but that also means it can’t have poison applied to it, so maybe that’s part of the reason for the higher base damage.

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