Best dps single hand weapon

Which single hand weapon has best dps? Which has best damage? Non-legendary weapons please

You have the choice of weapons made with Dragonbone, Obsidian, Black Ice, or Star-metal.

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Until you reach 60, use the starmetal ones (mace or axe), or their equivalents, the DLC-weapons. As soon as you hit 60, go for the dragonbone (only axe)!

… well, there is the black-ice-broadsword … ah, better not talk about it …


What about black ice broadsword, is dragonebone better?

It is secret. Check it out yourself: Black Ice Broadsword

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I see black ice broad sword has really high damage, just wondering why I don’t see more people using it. See lots of people using axes

well it depends what you are fighting , because of the legendary 1h axe that puts the effects of poison added to the bleed of axes it can be powerfull against other players , wildlife and npcs , but useless against all the skellies and undeads. afterwise it’s also a reason of preferences in the heavy/light combos attack patterns as one can suit more your playstyle than another. since you said non legendary I think that yes this sword would be the best pick , but if you see lots of people using axes , most of them are legendaries items for sure

also if you associate an axe with a special shield you can unlock a new attack pattern on heavy combos that is pretty meta defining if you want my opinion :wink:

I don’t know how many people is aware of it , I guess a very little amount :innocent:


Yeah, the Unwelcomed Gift was a really fun discovery. The first time I used it, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And yeah, it was really awesome!

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ax attack animation better than sword

there is an ax. an act of violence. very strong ax that is easy to find.

Black ice broadsword is a pain to make, it’s heavy, and its durability is on the low side, meaning you need to repair it often. And its special chilling effect is apparently ineffective against NPCs. The black ice broadsword also consumes more stamina per swing than most one-handed swords (or so I heard a Funcom dev say once, I haven’t actually tested it myself).

This is the reason why it is a weapon to mass produce for your thralls. Especially archer thralls. PVP only. Not more or less :kissing_smiling_eyes:


El mejor arma es el toque de yog

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