Dragonbone question

Greetings All,
Are Dragonbone the best weapons in game?
There stats are 1 point higher than Starmetal.
All I want to know is just a yes or no please.
No spoilers
Thank You

No … expense wise … yes… sorry :woman_shrugging:

Yes! I use steel axe and spear and then at level 60 dragon bone. Very easy to get and it cost nothing to repair. The 2H sword is good for thralls too.


There isn’t a yes-or-no answer. There are pros and cons. And the answer keeps changing with each update.

They’re certainly among the best for certain uses. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, but I do want to point out one thing: they’re weight a lot.


King slayer pole arm isn’t that bad either…or not?

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low durabilty and heavy weight is their downside… the maintain cost and stats makes them the best when performance and cost ratio is calculated.
the best nah! there r many way better weapons than dragonbone , so id say they r a good lvl 60 starting weapons…


best is hard to say… Lets say, they are overall great for their costs.

2 patches ago Serpentman were also quite great. Then someone complained about the Dragonbone crafting costs compared to Serpentman and what was the outcome?

Serpentman weapons got nerfed :smiley: :smiley:


Dragonbone are great to mass-produce for thrall guards, they are not great for players due to the low durability. At 60 you should be seeking out the good legendary weapons for personal use.


To put it simple, you can’t go wrong putting time into them.


This is pretty much what I think about them, too. Thralls don’t need to worry about equipment weight or durability, so dragonbone is perfect for arming a squad or three of household guards. But Legendary weapons, either those you can learn to craft yourself, or those found as loot, tend to be better - either for higher damage, or better durability, or stat boosts, or some special effect.


I’m liking the Legendary Stuff :alien: