Dragon Bone VS Obsidian

So it takes 5 obsidian and 1 steel to make a composite obsidian ingot…then you have to run to the volcano and fight your way to the forge to craft as many as you can carry and then you can make a weapon that does less damage than a dragon bone sword? Dragon Bone…run to the unnamed city…kill 4 baby dragons…take their bones and bam…easiest and best wep in the game at the moment IMOP

Obsidian should be much better than all the rest given the effort it takes to make it

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I still think Serpent man weapons are better than dragonbone and obsidian due to material cost, it does decent dmg, goodlooking skin and just requires iron to repair, that tier is the most friendly for those who dont like to grind.

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i dont mind it …i was just struck by the oddness of it…at least odd to me any way

wrong, serpent-man-weapons are the best weapons in the game after the latest patches, and they are by far the cheapest to make and maintain aswell, they only need iron… but shhhhh, don’t tell nerfcom!

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Best thing about serpent man weapons these days are the arrows. Almost as good as any other arrows out there and the only require branches, iron and feathers to craft. The arrow of choice for the disserning tower defense thrall.

Teliths Sorrow is the best non legendary chest weapon in the game however the Serpent Man weapons are probably a close second.

Arrows wise it’s obviously the poison arrows, just requires talking, or starting with the Set religion, and upgrading it once. Cheap arrows that can be crafted by the thousands.

since there is no serpent-man greatsword and vice versa (except for normal sword) they complement each other very well :wink:

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