Composite obsidian

What are the new materials to make composite obsidian? since steel doesnt work anymore!

I am unaware of any changes. It still needs obsidian ore and steel bars crafted in the volcano forge.

K thanks guys . My buddy said he read somewhere it changed. But I did see anything online anywhere about it. I still have to learn the recipe. Thinks that’s the main reason lol. Still learning !

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They changed it a while back, I think it’s now Obsidian, Alch Base & Steelfire.

This is incorrect. I can confirm it’s just obsidian ore and steel bars in the volcanic forge.

I can post a screenshot to prove it if you’d like, but that’s what it takes on my server.

@Buri Is your server using mods that change recipes because if this is the case, then this is not part of the base game developed by Funcom but part of the mod created by the mod author. The vanilla base game recipe requires obsidian and steel.

EDIT: [Mod] Exiled land improved
• Obsidian weapons/tools : Now you need obsidian AND composite obsidian to craft obsidian stuff, BUT you need only obsidian to repair. In counterpart, composite recipe has changed (1 composite = 5 obsidians + 1 alchemical base + 1 steel fire).(modifié)

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Yes, there are many mods on my server. Obviously, Obsidian and Steel is not working for the OP, so I’m trying to help answer his question. Thus, it’s very possible his server has the same mods. I’m the only one here offering a possible alternative, and it may just be the right one.

The topic is tagged as PS4, meaning that mods are out of question but I appreciate you trying to help.

Maybe next time you could be a bit more specific because from your comment new players may get confused and read it as they, Funcom, changed it to XYZ which is incorrect. If you have said on my server, which runs mods, the recipe is XYZ, noone would have called you out for giving false information.


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