Isle of Siptah - Can not craft obsidian composites on forges


I have found lots of obisidan recipes from the grey ones. But at the forges I can not interact with them. What do I have to do to be able to craft obsidian things? Thanks.


By “at the forges” do you mean your forges or the volcanic forges on the isle of dusk?

The volcanic forges. I can’t interact with them.

what is te point of crafting anything in the forge? the forge cannot use any thrall so the items u gonna craft r exactly as the ones looted… just use some legendary repair kits to restore the hp of the ones u loot and they r the same…

I guess if you want to use an Obsidian Pick it could be too expensive to repair it with Legendary repair kits.

On exile lands the volcanic forge is giving you only obsidian bars and the rest you craft them on your bench . Did they change this in Siptah ?

Guys thanks. But I don’t want to repair anything. I just want to use the volcanic forges in Isle of Siptah but can’t interact with them. If I get close to them I can’t hit “E” to open the forge and craft obsidian things like weapons of the grey, obsidian composites and so on.

What am I doing wrong?

@WulleBulle ,You play official , private or single player ?

Sry, it’s our private server using EEWA, Emberlight and Pippi.

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Can you please make an effort to go single player admin mode and check if you can interact ? When Siptah released, to many private servers had this kind of issues , maybe it’s a g portal issue again .


why not eldarium pick?
i believe gathers at same rate and can gather more than the obsidian…

u have a point… i am unable to recall atm… if it is possible then my bad…


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