[Mod] Exiled land improved

Hi guys. Exiled lands improved mod is now online : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1456186728

Discord now available : https://discord.gg/8k8UHdj

This mod is intended to improve the game with more content (more character customisation options, new emotes, new weapons, armors, new religion, enchantment system…), some bug fixes, new weapons damage balance and more… Take a look at all the changes below :

Character Creation :
• 2 new female hairstyles added
• 2 new male hairstyles added
• 11 new eye colors added.
• 1 new pale skin color added.
• 9 new hair, beard and eyebrows colors added.
• 4 new voices added.

Emotes/Animations :
• Female have new « sitting on chair » emote pose when sitting on bench, simple chairs or stool.
• Female have new « sitting on ground » emote pose.
• Female have new « sleeping » emote pose (the character shifts a little so you can sleep very close to a male character).
• Added sounds for several emotes.
New player idle waiting animation while wearing 2h axe
• Jamila the Pirate Queen can teach you Lean on wall emote (just face a wall, a pillar or whatever and play the emote, character will turn around and take lean pose).
• Razma of Shem can teach you new relax emote : Shift weight.
• Braga can teach you new misc emote : Wounded.

UI :
• Removed drum sound when you rollover inventory

Gameplay :
• New combat style : dual swords !
Light combo : Execute a flurry of sword swings while advancing on your foe. Heavy combo : Jump at your foe and slash them, slowing them and then attack multiple enemies in a bloody sweeping arc. You have a Backflip move like fighting with daggers.

• New combat style : dual axes ! Combos are not so fast as Dual Swords but heavy attacks have shieldsmash and you can chain up to 7 combo attacks.

• Added armor value on every shields of the game (yes even DLC shields). Armor value is scaled according to the lvl requirement. For example, Bone shield = armor 5, Iron Targe = armor 20, Hardened Steel shield = armor 50, Star Metal Shield = armor 60, Legendary shields = armor 65.

• Balancing weapon damage. Star metal becomes the endgame stuff.

• 2H hammers light and heavy attacks now have shield smash and the last light combo attack now knock down.
• Increased 2h Hammer animation speed by 10%

• Javelins and offhand throwing weapons stack is now 10
• Javelin and axe throws now inflict severe cripple.

• New Throwing knife weapons : combo attacks are the same than offhand axe combo, are also weaker than Throwing axe ones but melee attacks inflict bleed, throw inflict cripple.
• New Throwing club weapons : combo attacks are the same than shield melee combo. Inflict sunder and throw inflict sunder and knock down.

Javelin :
• New shield offhand combo : you cant throw javelin anymore while wearing a shield, but you have new Spartan heavy combo chain.
• Added bleed debuff on last javelin light attack combo

Katana :
• Fixed issue when Katana heavy combo fast dash inflict almost max damage. Fast dash will inflict much less damage than a full charge and you really need to wait the blade flash dot to get the full damage.
• Increased light katana animations speed by 50% and heavy by 33%.
• Heavy charged attack consume way more stamina and inflict as much damage as a full light combo chain.
• You can now chain up to 5 light combo attacks
• Replaced the Katana kick attack by sitting emote. From here you can charge an attack by holding heavy attack button and then unleash a powerfull combo with ligh attack button.
• Added Legendary Musashi Black Blade recipe to the Star Metal Katana Feat. You can craft this katana in the Volcanic forge and then enchant it into the Enchanting Table.
• Added 1H Wakizashi and dual Wakizashi to the katana feats

New religion mechanics :
The lvl 60 religion weapons now have specific attributes.
In addition to the common ingredients, to craft a lvl 60 religion weapon you will need 250 manifestations of zeal and a relic item that you can find in the world.
You can fully repair those weapons only with a legendary weapon repair kit.

Ymir :
Foeshatter is a 2h axe and works like 2h sword, but have +5% armor pen bonus, have a Frozen Aura that cool you down and heavy combo attacks are Unstoppable (cannot be blocked by shield).

Set :
Snakebite light combo attacks now apply and refresh weak poison (duration : 5 sec, 5 damage by sec) that cannot stack but be combined with other poison type effects. Last light combo attack range was increased and apply two Set Poison ticks instead of weak poison. Set poison is the same poison as the Snake Arrow poison.

Derketo :
Dual Lusttaker are dual sword that every attacks have a chance to apply corruption (works only on pvp). Whenever your enemies suffer corruption, you will hear the swords express their satisfaction …
Last light and heavy combo attack apply severe cripple. And last heavy combo attck now knockdown. Finaly you have a Backflip move like fighting with daggers.

Yog :
Tenderizer give you +3 STR bonus. The third heavy combo attack now apply an armor breaker debuff, and the next combo attack will ignore 100% of your target armor value. Furthermore, the range of the last heavy combo attack was increased.

Mitra :
• Staff of Epimetreus last heavy combo attack now knock down and inflict Divine Wrath. Divine Wrath is an additional percent base damage (2,5%).

• Replaced Blessed Mitraen Ankh by a Blessed Mitraen 2h Staff. You need Star Metal Bars to craft and repair it. The staff have 2h spear light combo attacks and you canheal with the heavy attack combo by aim a player or an area and the projectile will explode and put an healing aoe buff (first tick will instant heal 30 HP, then 10 HP per second for a total between 150 and 180 HP). The buff dont stack with itself. You also need Healing Essences as ammo. Finaly you can harvest corpses with Ctrl button. Healing shot consume 100 Stamina.

New religion : Xotli :

When you know the Obsidian Feats from the volcano dungeon, you can use the Keystone in the volcano forge to get the « Favor of Xotli ». When used, this item give you the Herald of Xotli Feat.

• Xotli Altar : here you can craft demonic items, like meat to have a chance to change a panther cub to Demonic beast. You can craft enchanting bench and enchanting material like Alkahest, Burning souls to help you to enhance legendary weapons power. You can also make a Dark Ritual to become a demon and every time you craft something in this altar you get Zeals and you will be able to craft the powerfull Age of Conan inspired 2h sword : Xolti Shard, and 1h Xotli sword.

To craft and to repair those weapons, you now need a Burning Heart. This item can be crafted into the Altar of Xotli with 1 Trapezoidron + 10 Burning Souls. You now have a reason to go again into the volcano Dungeon !

• Enchanting table : here you can put materials from the Xotli altar and any melee legendary weapons that come from world boss chest (no bows, no shields) or God weapons (except Xotli and Jhebbal Sag) to improve their power. When running the table that consumes Burning Souls. Every attempt to enchant requires an Alkhaest. If the enchantment is a success your legendary weapon is improved by +1 (damage +1, armor pen +1%) up to a maximum of +6. With enchantments, the weapon emits a glow more and more intense. If the enchantment fails, you just loose the Alkahest.

• Telith Weapons :
You can now enchant 2H weapons Telith Sorrow and Deathbringer Axe in the Enchanting Table. Those weapons also have new animations when enchanted. You can also enchant 1H weapon Telith Lament and 2W Telith Punishment. Those weapons also have new light/heavy finisher when enchanted. To repair an enchanted Telith weapon you will need another Kinscourge Heart.

• Musashi Black Blade :
You can enchant this katana in the enchanting table. When enchanted, heavy combo now inflict bleed and all attack have new visual particle effects.

• Dark Ritual variations :
You can craft Dark Ritual with or without horns
You can change eyes glowing color of the Dark Ritual (with or without horns) by putting it into the Enchantment Table :

• Dark Ritual + 5 Black Lotus Powder = Dark Ritual (black)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Star metal ores = Dark Ritual (blue)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Frost Lotus Powder = Dark Ritual (Frost)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Puffball Mushroom = Dark Ritual (green)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Purple Lotus Powder = Dark Ritual (purple)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Crimson Lotus Powder = Dark Ritual (red)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Grey Lotus Powder = Dark Ritual (white)
• Dark Ritual + 5 Golden Lotus Powder = Dark Ritual (gold)

• Artisans spawn rate is : T1 = 30%, T2 = 30%, T3 = 28%, T4 = 12%
• Legendary armorer deserves his title ! He can craft Epic Flawless Freebooter armor, Epic Flawless Hyperboeran armor, full regular and epic Nemedian Scout armor (Nemedian Scout Armor is a light armor with accuracy bonus and cold resistance), Lantern shield, heavy helmet regular and epic variants.
• Every T4 alchemist can craft black and white dye.
• T4 Blacksmith from Heirs of the North and Forgotten Tribe can craft Legendary Weapon Repair kit.
• Fixed Njonor Battleborn spawn issue - Now fixed by Funcom
• Fixed lvl 4 Heirs of the North alchemist « Rokur » spawn issue. - now fixed by Funcom
• Fixed lvl 4 Forgotten tribes taskmaster « Marn the Breaker » spawn Issue. now fixed byFuncom
• Lemurian alchemists can be found in the Pagoda of Boundless Lust.
• Lemurian lvl 4 artisans, fighters and archers spawn rate increased.
• Votaries have now named armorer, smelter, carpenter and entertainer thralls
• Votarie lvl 4 Blacksmith now share his spot with Votarie lvl 4 Armorer « Siesse Blacktongue »
• Votarie lvl 4 cook now share his spot with Votarie lvl 4 smelter « Hith Silverfinger »
• Votarie lvl 4 tanner now share his spot with Votarie lvl 4 carpenter « Jaes’Pliss »
• Votarie lvl 4 taskmaster now share his spot with Votarie lvl 4 entertainer « Syra Brennerhet »
• Forgotten Tribes now have cooks, entertainer, priest and named archer.
• Dalinsia Snowhunter now share his spot with Forgotten Tribe lvl 4 archer « Markos, Bane of Beasts »
• More Forgotten Tribe berserkers randomly spawn in Mounds of the dead.
• You can now find Tier 4 Fighter thrall Lexa patrolling in Sepermeru. She have a chance to spawn instead of the Relic Hunter Captain spot (10%). She use dual swords and she’s not easy to capture ! Once enslaved, she’s the only thrall able to use offhand attacks like backflip with daggers or dual sword, special attacks with Xotli and Telith 2h (Firebreath and Skycall). Admin can also spawn her from admin panel.
• Entertainer thralls will now play Belly dance or Snake dance


• Heirs of the North and Forgotten Tribe NPCs have 5% chance to loot 1 to 5 Star Metal ore.
• Darfari, Dogs of the Desert, Relic Hunter, Black Hand, Heirs of the North and Forgotten Tribe NPCs have a chance to loot clan armor pieces.
• The Witch Queen have a chance (10%) to loot the Witchfire Dual Swords
• Hrugnir of the Frost loot the Frozen Heart (Foeshatter ingredient)
• Any Midnight Grove boss have a chance to drop the Black Heart (panther = 25%, Gorilla = 50%, Bull = 75%, Werewolf = 100%)


• Every potion weight is reduced to 1
• Ambrosia and all potion stack is 20
• Derketo dancer outfit now have the right skin
• Silent legion helmet have agility bonus
• Black hand and buccaneer stuff are medium armors and have vitality bonus
• Foeshatter is now a 2 handed axe and have heat resistance
• Added glowing light on Lantern Shield
• Added blue glowing light on star metal weapons
• Lusttaker is now a T3 Derketo lvl 50 weapon
• T4 Derketo weapon is now « Anger & Greed dual sword »(modifié)
• Star metal tools durability up to 900
• Star metal tools Harvest damage up to 8
• Acheron tools harvest damage up to 9
• Obsidian Skining knife harvest damage up from 5 to 8(modifié)
• Black ice weapons/pick : You dont need hardened steel anymore to repair.
• Obsidian weapons/tools : Now you need obsidian AND composite obsidian to craft obsidian stuff, BUT you need only obsidian to repair. In counterpart, composite recipe has changed (1 composite = 5 obsidians + 1 alchemical base + 1 steel fire).(modifié)
• You can now find cristal and brimstones into the Dragon Mouth.
• You can find brimstones in the Crevice on the Swangle.
• Increased Carpenter bench slots to 30
• Increased Healing Wraps total heal from 40 to 100 HP
• Increased Numbing Wraps total heal from 80 to 200 HP
• Ymir armor is flawless medium equivalent stuff with encumberance bonus. Also have a new appearance.
• Derketo armor is flawless light equivalent stuff with vitality bonus.
• Mitra armor is flawless light equivalent stuff with grit bonus. Also have a headdress piece.
• Set armor is flawless light equivalent stuff with agility bonus. Also have a bracelet piece.
• Yoggite armor is flawless light equivalent stuff with strength bonus. Have a full armor set and a new mask appearance.
• Increased elevators speed
• Added lvl 60+ Weapons to admin panel only

• Conan now can teach you Barbarian armor Feat.
• Warmaker Klael can teach you Ancient King Armor Feat.
• Apprentice Butcher can be learned at lvl 3
• Carpenter feat give you the Bark recipe (1 bark from 1 wood in carpenter bench)
• Armorer feat give you Thick leather recipe (in armorer’s bench : 3 leathers + 1 twine = 1 thick leather)
• Furniture maker feat give you Trainning Dummy recipe.
• Every Ancient weapons can be learned at lvl 42
• Every Hardened Steel weapons can be learned at lvl 50
• Hiltmaker, shaftmaker, haftmaker, shield framer and ropemaker can be learned at lvl 54 (you are able to craft Dragonbone, Lemurian stuff at lvl 54 instead of lvl 60).
• Acheronian weapons can be learned at lvl 55
• Frost Smithing : you can now craft more Black Ice weapons : daggers, hammer, shield, spear and Black Ice broadword is now a two handed sword.
• Kinscourge Weapons : you can now craft the two handed Deathbringer axe.
• Dragonbone arrow have the right recipe : 10 branch + 1 dragonbone + 4 feathers = 10 arrows(modifié)
• You can now learn Star Metal javelin Feat.(modifié)
• Lemurian weapons : you can now craft Lemurian war-axe
• Weaver : you can now craft dyable loincloth and chest wrap
• Journeyman mason : new T2 round pillar
• Master mason : new T3, black ice and white marble round pillars
• When you learn Iron Broadsword, Abysmal sword, Cutlass, Falcata, Longsword, Ancient Khopesh, Hardened Steel sword, Acheronian sword, Dragonbone sword, Serpentine sword, Black ice lonsword, Telith’s lament, Lemurian sword, Obsidian sword and star metal sword, you can also craft the dual version of those swords(modifié)
• Added obsidian war-axe recipe
• Added Mini Vault recipe to the Vault Feat (2x2 foundations size and 200 slots).
• Jamila the Pirate Queen can teach you Black Hands Tents feat(modifié)
• When you learn Throwing axe Feats you also learn the following recipes :

• 10 new Throwing knife recipes (stone, iron, steel, ancient, hardened steel, dragonbone, black ice, serpent-men, obsidian, star metal)
• 8 new Throwing club recipes (stone, iron, steel, ancient, hardened steel, serpent-men, obsidian, star metal)
• Added Epic Black Hand armor recipes on Tier 4 Black Hand armorer thralls
• Added iron sickle recipe to Iron Tools Feat
• Added Star Metal War-Axe
• Added Star Metal Dual War-Axes
• Added Mini Vault recipe to the Vault Feat (2x2 foundations size and 200 slots).
• Added Legendary Musashi Black Blade recipe to the Star Metal Katana Feat. You can craft this katana in the Volcanic forge and then enchant it into the Enchanting Table.

• I replaced the useless and glitched giant snake boss by the Mummy of the Black Ring. So now you can kill her to complete the Jouney task and harvest her to find the relic item on the dead body. Mummy is wearing a Kingslayer polearm instead of Stygian khopesh and have more HP.
• You can find the Mummy on the Arena or in the Unnamed City.
• A Witch Queen without any magic weapon sounds weird, she now fighting with dual witchfire sword that apply corruption. Beware she’s now more dangerous and can now do dodge move !
• Jamila the pirate Queen wear pirate outfits instead of random Black hand fighter outfits.
• Yakira now wear Derketo priestess outfits instead of Votarie outfits.
• Taskmaster thrall on wheels of pain now play « cross arms animation » instead of kneel
• Derketo priest on Derketo altars play « seduce » animation instead of kneel
• Mitra priest on Mitra altars play « pray sitting » animation instead of kneel
• Ymir priest on Ymir altars play « kneel » animation instead of By Set
• Lemurian fighters lvl 4 now have lemurian warrior equipment.
• More equipment variety for lvl 4 Black Hands archers/fighters
• Desert Dogs entertainer lvl 4 dont wear coarse clothes anymore

Let me know if you have suggestions for updates.

Thanks for reading.

For people who only want few features you can subscribe to :

Thanks for reading.


This seems very promising, good job!
While your at it you should fix the ymir altar to take as many zeals as the other religions to upgrade ;D

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very good changes i have to say.
especially for starmetal weapons finally brought to its rightful place.
black and wite dye for northern named thralls is also a very good idea.
Armors bonuses were indeed needed for religion outfits and other armors, well done !
normally i don’t install mods while the game is not stabilized enough for my taste, but if all you wrote is working fine, i might give it a go and break my principe :smiley:
Again, well done !


Thank you for your confidence ! Do not hesitate to tell me anything that could be improved. :blush:

I took a look in the game, it seems that all the altars need 30 zeal for level 2 and 75 for level 3, even Ymir.

Sounds like stuff Funcom should implement. lol It all looks very promising!


I agree. I think these changes are necessary to the game to appreciate it more. But there are certainly other things to review. This is only a first throw. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh so you changed them already? It’s usuallt 100 zeals.
It’s just the fact that ymir needs a lot more zeals because you need to kill more npc’s to craft the ice in the ymir altar.
1 ice takes 5 ice shard = need to kill 5 npc’s for 1 zeal. Wich is just so dumb lol.

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I didnt change it. I just checked the recipes in the Devkit and summon altar in solo, it’s 30 and 75 for Ymir, like others.

Yes but my point is that to make a zeal for ymir you need 5 times as many resources as the rest.
You only get a zeal from crafting ice, one ice takes 5 shards, 5 shards takes 5 npc’s.
Then on top of that you need an extra 100 shards to upgrade so thats 100 more npc’s you have to kill.
But all the other altars only need 1 npc to get a zeal and you only need a total of 30 for them.

Ymir needs some love!

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Ok, the solution would be to increase the zeal number to 5 for each crafted ice in the altar. So 5 shard in altar = 1 ice + 5 zeal. And maybe replace the extra 100 shards by other resources, like ice or black ice.

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Sounds great to me, and black ice instead of the extra 100 shards would be great.

Yep, I think it’s the fairest way to be equivalent to other gods in terms of resources and time.


Imo the most simple would be 1 ice shard = 1 zeal , so there would be not difference between religions.
anyways this change is much needed and would be very welcome by all ymir workshipers.


What do you mean by “derketo dancer outfit”, do you mean the religious one we craft at the altar or is there an other one i missed?

Stygian armorer 3 can craft a Derketo dancer set, but in the game it’s just a darfari Skin with a medium cap… Looks ugly. So with the mod, the set is a derketo outfit like the religious one, but with the witch queen golden mask.

ok thank you didn’t know that.
ok so it’s basically the same thing as with the altar lvl2 except you just need a stygian armorer 3, right?
So no extra points needed into derketo religion. i think i recall about a similar thing with the settite religious outfit as well with a lvl 3 armorer, i just don’t remember the race of this armorer. wasn’t it a stygian actually?
does it take the same mats as the one you get from the altar with silk and stuff?
see ya alex, have fun.

Actualy in the game, stygian armorer 3 can craft derketo dancer outfits and stygian outfits who looks the same as Setite religion armor, but those armors have clothes stat and no bonus. And yeah it’s silk for derketo and fiber for stygian.

So in my mod, religion stuff is better and have +5 attribute bonus if you wear full set.

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ok i see, great, thanks.
don’t blame me but i will wait a bit for some other players feedback to see if there is no big issue with it, and if not then will def subscribe because your mod looks really like a MUST have to me.
keep it up.

You should totally start a discord for the mod :wink:

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Why can’t Funcom do this indeed!

A guy does this in his valuable time at home.

Funcom cant manage to do this bug free with a full staff…sad really.