I have started my trip down the rabbit hole

So finally decided to put my money (time) where my mouth is. I am modding the Exiles map for raid pvp. One where there will be control points to build in (like doors or full walls around a high loot camp). Think captire the flag.

Will also remove 3 obbies, volcano, mounds, and unnamed city. Why, so you have to do some journeying around. Will add in a caravan system and remove the map room.

Remove jars from game. Dp will be for arrows or market trading for barrages, high end gear and thralls. You can still hunt and play 90% of the pve, but market trading will revilve around capture/contril the flag loot and trading.

Will also create special camps as well, like a prison where you can control and get zeal as you need by executing the prisoners, a harem “dungeon” where you can free an rng dancer and return her to thier camp or place them, a farmers cillage where for rng food request you get finished bars of steel, star metal, or eldarium, a slave camp where you get rng fighters/archers to free by taking to one of the capitols or place as a follower… Others that revolve around armor, weapons, greater pets etc. All these will be control points for pvp and “raiding”.


Sounds intriguing. Wish I had a PC that can run CE.


I know. I used to be a ps4 guy, then siptah i got pc.


Wow it sounds like there will be a bit of something for everyone in here. It sounds really good @biggcane55! I wish you every success in your project. And I hope that you can create an experience which is fun and rewarding for your players. My hats off to you on this one.

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Yeah, i have always dabbled in modding, mainly old snes tecmo bowl 3 and genesis Coach K basketball…Devkit is 100x more daunting. But i taught my self java script, sql, vba. I am sort of a “shade tree” coder. Not the greatest, but give me the tools and i will create something with them.

Just wish consoles could enjoy my work when i am done :frowning:


Update 1.
Figured a way to limit height for my huild camps idea. This will make it controlling clan cant build huge tower walls.

Learned how to move recipes. Moving jar production to a special “station” mimicing t3 altar ( Croms???— @Croms_Faithful for you…any ideas on what yhe "sacrifice should be? Scraps instead of zeal?)
Why? so making jars will put server on notice you are in full war mode. Dragon powder still makble, but only for arrow production. May change explosive arrows recipe to fire arrow (not firespar ones) and dp + tar.

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Question for feed back, how many “control” camps should there be? Themes if you have an idea. And possible open area on map…i dont want to too many off the map ports, it gets buggy with lootbags dissapearing, and dont want to play test to find those.

Right now I have these, and probably 2 or 3 of each at minimum…

Dancers Rescue Harem
Break out a fighter/archer Prison
Farmers escort for Bearers
Multiple Prison camps for Crafters
Zealots raid for Archpriest
Pet traders
Pirates Booty

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Graveyard for undead

Or tomb

like it…and now that i can move build blockers unnamed city would be a great spot for that. In a tomb (pyramid???). Guess ill have to make an Erjoh the Evil. I can use building pieces (nondestructible) from the players pieces…ie black ice. No Dlc though :frowning:

Well I’ve been associated with worse names that that. Glad I can help.

Sonhere is my first concept structure, far west by Sep City. It is the entry i to prion dunge9n, which i am building next. The broken wall area is the only build are of the camp. a 8x4 x 10 high area. There will be a spawn point for a semi difficult mini boss as the “owner of the camp”. It can be built over so controlling clan has the ownership by blocking the spawn and having free access to dungeon. Spawn tomer of dungeon is 10 minute, 20 thralls. So easy/protected farm spot for zeal. The pvp idea is the clan will have control of the dungeon for easy zeal and possibly rng quest item for in game currency to buy Explosive Jars, Legendary repair kits, barrages. Things tied to raiding and fighting.

Small win for me today, telporting is the easiest part of dev kit lol. 3 min video 9n how to set auto teleport.

Next up spawn camps!.

then custom items and custom NPC.

I request, NAY, demand an update.


lol. Already:)

So came up with a name…saving that for “beta”. But rest asured i am updating tables to create a few unique exiles i will need, passive noobs, mini bosses for camps, and skimming REH for ideas.

Have come to one definate.

Jars in a T3 station. Working on that. Believe it will be Croms Altar. Where high end pvp gear, new more powerful weapon/armor buffs, and explosive jars, traps, and barrages can be crafted. No Avatar. But will show on map to show the aggressive state of your clan.

Also working on an idea to have purge meter fill if you are offline, making it a negative to stay off for too long. Basically going to reverse the meter that is already in game.

First camp design is almost done, the prison in west sep city.

Hopefully going to add a blunted fitting. It will reduce ap of weapon, but increase the durability of the enemies armor by 50. So breaking their armor is an option in a fight.


One issue i have, is i may have to wait for the 3.0 so i dont have to fix too much after release.


Holy ■■■■…I didn’t even think about that. Yeah good planning on your end gotta wait. But that does give you time to really map out the larger picture items before you get into the weeds.


Right now i am just creating the data tables, spawns, etc i will need. Things like passive, no damage dancers for yhe dancers quest. Basically npc aesthetics to add to the canp. Cant kill or knockout, but create life. Prisoners in rags that are for the zeal camps. Mini bosses, even a raiding type thay spawn at night and attack farming camps. Things like that. Also gives me a chance to reread REHs works to keep tied to the feel of the game.


Another bold idea, may be “green screening” between biomes, creating basically a secti9nalized larger control areas. i do have to be careful in mod size though:(

To avoid the displacing effect of not beimg to walk between obvious areas because ofnthe section, i may use Giant Kings as the reason, basiaclly Giant Kings divided the lands among “givernors” and use the green screen to control exiles within each. Basically a Treaty of Giants to not encroach on each others lands.

Frost NW
Frost NE
UnNamed City

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I am flattered that you would ask for my input @biggcane55. Thankyou. Before I offer my own suggestions, please do bear two things in mind. The first is that I am not an executive authority on this matter, just a Crom crazed fan advocating what can actually fit with the lore. And the second is please do remember that this is your game and your creative project biggcane55. And I do not want to seem like I am placing undue influence on you or your individual creative vision. Now with that in mind I am happy to contribute what I can, and let you ponder your options. :smiley: If someone were to say to me today that we want you to select some Crom goodies for the vanilla game, here are the items I would recommend. *For the reader: please note that these are among the closest lore friendly options I could unearth.

By this I suspect you are referring to what we would actually offer to produce ‘manifestations of zeal’ at the bench…? Ironically biggcane55, I think that the sacrifice should be just that, an sacrifice. But not the human kind, the animal kind. There is both Expanded Universe lore and and a strong inference in Robert E Howard’s lore which point towards this. The references are as follows:

So there we have Conan himself making animal sacrifices to Crom. Twice.

Yes as I have said before this is an inference on my part, but one which makes sense when coupled with the prior example. I found it curious that Howard chose to establish a distinction here, specifying human sacrifice, as opposed to simply saying accepts no sacrifice.

So, left to me I would say either live baby animals first, or animal heads. From a balance perspective it would ensure that Crom still requires the most work to build ‘zeal’, because of weight restrictions. Baby animals weighing in at some 50 kgs/lbs each, and heads arent light either. In addition, they are fewer and further in between. We can just rack up some 30-40 offerings like if we cleared out say, The Summoning Place. Don’t fancy animal offerings? Then perhaps the weapons or armor of defeated foes, in the spirit of ‘strive and slay’.

Now in regards to the ‘manifestation of zeal’ themselves, you could well stick with them, but I guess it depends on how you would want Crom to respond to them, if at all. If you are going with the ‘distant, uncarring god’ approach, which is what we have in Conan Exiles now, maybe just stick with manifestation of zeal, or manifestation of loyalty/allegiance. But if you are going for the ‘sends doom and curses’ approach, perhaps name it something along the lines of manifestation of scorn/resentfulness/rage.

Honestly I would welcome the thoughts of yourself or other members on this one too. Heck I would love it if Joel were to tell us what he would use or envision IF he were to ever add them or to create his own mod.