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To all exiles, we have recently rented a server so we can create a server that is fun for all, it is a pvp server with 36 slots. I will increase this if this is successful. Before I start anything I would like to know what people actually want to see in a server and what would keep them interested enough to keep at the grind. Please can you all make suggestions as to what sort of boost you would like to see and what sort of added activities would you like to see. Thanks for taking the time to read this and all suggestions will be read and greatly appreciated

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Go with the server setting you like and hope that you attract like minded players. Everyone has there own preferences would be hard, maybe even impossible to cater to all play styles.

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This is something we have tried, we have another server open that is already filling up and showing some success. The new server is going to be based on other people’s suggestions (just need more suggestions) and will always but up for redesign to suit the players playing on that server.

What did you do with the other server? What’s the carrying theme?

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The other server is still active if you would like to come and take a look. The server name is 3135thunderdome. we have not blocked any of the major locations for people to still play the game as they would, we have just added some mini games with loot for the winners.

Pest control? Sounds interesting can you explain exactly what you mean please and we are playing on console so is mods something that can get used. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for the invite. I’m currently satisfied with my own. I just wanted to know what you’ve done to this point, so I can tell if I get ideas to help you out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Mini-games sound interesting. What type?

what I can tell you is that we have 8 mini games in place and admin shop, trading travelling caravan and a few more stops that should help players out but not to much.

We have 5 solo run mini games although 2 of the can be done with your clan and then we have 3 pvp battle style games

Sounds like you’re well experienced. What has been your least successful feature?

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Only thing I’m really experienced in is gaming, Conan gave me an opportunity to be able to do things like this

I don’t think all the games have had enough opportunity yet to prove which is best and which isn’t

To me, proof is in the making of oneself. The best me can make the best game. What I’ve recognised from the field is that there is a meta of best games as well as features they involve, so being best is a fluctuating and pulsating variable.

I can’t say I will join as I will host my own eventually, however the issue always has been for a lot of people I have seen is massive land claims by a single clan should always be reined in as it prevents others from relocating if there base has been destroyed or if they want to move up to a nicer location. Most land claims are just a huge massive amount of highest tier materials and blocking off or sealing or just putting it all over to keep others from getting a proper nor advantageous base against a rival clan. So I would say either keep eye on everyday stuff on the server or set decay to 1 week 7 days. As it would be difficult to maintain a large amount of these from being removed by the community.

Another thing I have seen is a clean should not go past 5 members unless a server has more than 20 slots as on my current server a clean of 10 attacked me only 5 but with thralls included it was 10 and my one ally a clan of 2 being and him not on I panicked and accidentally destroyed my own base trying to rush to fight back and salvage what I could.

Another thing when I was attacked my server host never set a message of the day that he and his clan of 10 whom attacked me had altered PvP times to be earlier and extended by 3 hours both categories. Ideally if you make a server setting change inform the community of your server as this has made me angry and the host never replies to my messages.

I would also try to make the PvP times if that’s what your going for a reasonable thing for both jobless and people with jobs while adding a safe period during night time so you don’t have bedtime raiders. Lol. The exp rate for PvP seems good at a 1.5. The thrall rate should be 1.0 or around 0.8 to reduce the massive inflation of thralls now that there isn’t a good decay system for them. Ideally you want resources to be between 3-5 per whack of a resource node it makes it easier for people and it also makes repairs decent. You definitely want to give a 2 week catch up time to new members or a week and half or just a week depends on how often they log on but 2 weeks to be safe.

Also newbie area always keep that wall free I went to a offical server and all the roads that you spawn at when you first arrive had been taken over by a single person or whatever that is a huge deterrent for newbies.

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