New server made by the players for the players PS4 pvp

Hi All, I just wanted to put this out there for the funcom and Conan community. Last week we bought a server purely because we was sick and tired of admin abuse and if it wasn’t admin abuse it was a lack of things to do other than raid. Me and a couple of my friends have a server called 3135 (very original I know) and we have started to make some extra activities based on things that we thought could be in the game, we are still learning and listening to the ideas from people commenting in the forums so far we have have created a admin shop and the currency is in game gold and silver we have a pvp battle arena for fair disputes to take place, we have a maze created by ourselves with loot at the end and also a scoreboard for people’s times so we can compete we have a treasure hunt spread out across the map we have 5 strongholds dotted around the map for all to compete for and raid be sure to find the right one and not the empty one. we are currently constructing a new raidable city for all to attempt just make sure you get out with your life. We are testing out a new game called pvp base raid where 2 clans will challenge each other in a 30mim game to build a base then under the watchful eye of the admin attack each other once the other teams bed has been destroyed and they spawn in desert then they have lost and the other team win the loot. We are also making a timed jungle run and if it is completed in a certain time you get a prize. Anyway enough blabbing from me thankyou for taking the time to read and I hope to see you in the server we have 36 slot at the minute but we will increase if this fills up remember 3135 and message either me “nevinsmokin” or “apresto” for more info or any ideas you would like us to try and implement.