FRESH NEW! 10x Exalted New PVP/Raid Hardcore server with discord JOIN UP NOW!

Ive just recently made an account on funcom to see where coan players heads were about pvping and servers dying out…
Alas! Ive found literally THE BEST server on conan for pvp and raids for ps4.
10x boosted
45 players maxed (only around 15 active)
6 man clans
Loot dropped on death
Great PVP players = Great Comp and a fun time!
Raid times from 9:00am- 11:50pm
Offline is punishable by ban so you can sleep at night!
No Admins or Dominant clans… Yet!
Servers are freshly wiped every 2 months
Last wipe 4/30/19
Join us! More people = more fun
Discord code “ZXxCHVj”