Does this interest you?

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:
My friend and I have been interested in buying a Conan Exiles server, we were thinking of a PvE conflict server with a few roleplaying full PvP hours.
Here is what I have been thinking of: PvE and PvP arena with random rewards at the end either a purge only thrall or a random legendary.
During full PvP hour/s castle sieging involving multiple clans will be made available. Siege weapons will be given to each clan who attack from multiple angles, when inside the gate you can choose to engage others clans or don’t. If castle defenders manages to successfully defend they will be given rewards. If an opposing clan wins, they will be given control of the castle (Which I still need to figure out how).
You can also choose to make an arrangement with other clan/s if castle sieging is not your thing.

I would really like to create an engaging environment, in which you would always come back. But I need your opinions on what would keep you going. I have made a reddit post aswell, where I go into more details the title is “Considering buying a Conan Exiles server”

I will be opening a discord server soon, if you would like to make suggestions

Have a great rest of your day everyone! :slight_smile: