FunCom Forum - Add a Mandatory Mod-check Button for All Fault Tickets

Latest Game issues refer.

Perhaps making a mandatory button as to whether the player was playing modded or not might save time on your side FunCom?

Players would have to select either MODDED or NOT MODDED before the Submit button became active Thoughts? :slight_smile:

Hey @AndyB,

Would you be able and willing to add a Modded: [Yes/No] field in the bug subforums’ thread template?
@Grymm, is this what you mean by a ‘button’?

:slight_smile: Basically, adding a button/tick-box that must be clicked for PC Fault logging before the Submit can be clicked might help sort issues. I only mentioned because there do seem to be a lot of faults logged that only two or three to and fro responses before someone notes that mods are loaded and then the solution is a little easier. From managing Support Desk environments, any filtering method helps (at least with the support desk staff sanity :slight_smile: )

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