Do devs actually respond to Bug Reports? No Hope

45 days I have been disconnected in battle every time I play the game on Official Servers. I have posted and posted I see no dev response any where. Getting very frustrating just trying to walk down noob river and getting disconnected every few feet. What has 10cent done to Funcom to get so much inaction? 45 days and no response. No hope

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Devs don’t respond on the forums. It’s not their job to talk to people on the forums. Their job is to work on the development of the game, including fixing bugs.

Community Managers, whose job it is to interact on the forums, sometimes respond to the bug reports. Most of the time they don’t offer more response than marking the report as received, but occasionally they’ll reply with a request for more information.

Nothing. Funcom has been like this since I started playing in early access.


The devs never respond to Bug Reports, but I believe they read them :slight_smile:


Problem may not even be Funcom. G-Portal own the sub-par servers used for Official Servers. They way the game performs sometimes lets me know they are not running current gen servers. They are probably using 13th gen HP Proliants DL380s . Faster then a slug but not faster than a turtle.


What type of server and console or pc playstation pve-c Exiles server’s where really bad last we tried Siptah is working for us.

I do agree. There are so many variables to connection disconnects. Including all listed in here, we can add the host companies, basic outages, hack-attack traffic, spam-bots or even just someone unplugging something to plug in a vacuum-cleaner (I have actually seen this happen). To lay blame purely at the FC doorstep is disingenuous.

In all cases, log a proper ticket with all required info. Do not expect a personal reply as that would be a completely fulltime role. Just make sure you pop all the important facts in the ticket. That is most helpful to any support issue. And then be patient. Ranting and being insulting is pointless and unkind and unfair. Devs and programmers do not like their own work breaking and usually chastise themselves more than anyone else (other than ther managers) could anyway.

Be supportative to Devs and Support (and Testlive testers). They keep this lovely game going. #onlymyopinion

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Ehhhhhh…there was more communication in EA and the first few months after launch then we see now. Id say the level of interaction has been at this poor level for a few years though.

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