Do devs respond to bug reports?

do devs respond to bug reports?

Rarely from what I’ve seen.

so whats the point of reporting bugs if they aren’t prioritizing game mechanics and bugs?
rarely respond to bug reports isn’t a good sign

Well they do take note of the bugs.
One game-breaking bug I reported a while back was recently fixed, though they never responded to the report.

How many reports of the same bugs does anybody have to see to know it exists???
Just because they’re not responding to every damned bug report, it doesn’t mean they’re not aware of it and it doesn’t mean they’re not working on it.

As long we keep reporting, we’re doing our part :wink: if they don’t fix a broken game, it doesnt live long.

Right. They don’t need to respond to every report.

But it would help if they had a public buglist so (hopefully) people quit reporting the same ones over and over.
One community manager said she could put that together, so maybe we’ll have one soon.

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There is a bug report section.
Each for PC, Xbox and that other console.

Section, yes. Not a list people can easily check for known bugs.
The way people title their reports makes it insane to try to use the search function to look for specific bugs.

I have to agree with you on that one.
That search function seems to be in one hell of a mess.

Only time Ive seen one respond is when someone demanded a refund.

Using man power to reply to all these bugs takes away from other aspects of development. They’ll respond if a response is absolutely needed, otherwise they take note of the bugs, prioritizing the ones that are better documenting and work on patching them out.

Since release there’s been at least two very nice patches that took care of some extreme bugs on top of that I’m pretty sure there’s some unseen server maintenance to improve performance as well.

It wouldn’t be pinned so it’d get buried.
And that would take a lot of work on my part, to compile a list of all the bugs I could find.
Surely they have an internal list. All they need to do is share it and pin it to the forum.

Yeah there’s just so many bugs, and they keep getting repeat threads and ones with better descriptions, instead of just whining, get burried deep in the pits, itd be better if there was one single thread the devs can look through, and people used the search function instead of posting all the crying. The game needs fixed immediately and that’s an important issue to help it happen.

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@Turkeysammich i completed the thread with almost all the bugs


Today’s patch was pointless so hopefully they take note of your work and fix something meaningful next time.

(It’s nice that they fixed ‘something’ but this patch was hardly warranted, they could have just rolled it out when they had something good to include.)

i hope so lol, i spent so much time writing down all these bugs and playing the game lol

Yeah I know you did! And at least some of us appreciate it.

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