Is it worth reporting bug's and problems

Considering we have not had an update for such a long time, bug reports seem to be repeating, aswell as the problems, and the update is not coming any time soon, which means nothing is being done about them, and certainly hasn’t be done in a very long time, so why bother reporting them anymore?

They certainly can’t be bothered to fix them

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The latest update is in certification which means possibly days till it drops, a week or so at worst. Of course it’s worth reporting. If only a handful report bugs than it seems as though it’s not a widespread issue and won’t make the fix radar. It may feel pointless and I get the frustration, I’ve made my share of grumbling posts here that were not anywhere near as polite as yours lol, but if they don’t know they won’t EVER fix.


Always . It can’t get better if you stay silent. Now it may not be on the top of their list of fixes so it may not get resolved timely but I can guarantee that it will never get fixed if you stay quiet about it.

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When I say worth it, I mean now, the update they are trying to get certified is basically a completely different game, not much of what we are currently playing is relevant anymore, and they will not be changing anything for our current version before they finally/if release 2.3, so what’s the point currently reporting anything until it’s updated

Well, it’s always possible that what you report was either missed or otherwise not included in the update.

I surely can understand what you say here . In a way this post can sound offensive ,but i don’t believe your intentions are . Yes , we the console players feel abandoned , either from the gaming company or the console company , especially when we see other games to create new seasons or new apdates or new contents , Dlcs etc … and to this game for so long all we see is promises :pensive: . Well I 've met a lot of people who loved this game the past years , still they were not enough I believe to support the funds for more contents in this game ( clearly my speculation ) . Imagine that most of the console players arrived in this game when ps plus gave it for free . Anyway , I remember that we had quicker reactions in the past when we were reporting something , but our population were way bigger , way bigger . I really hope this Corona nightmare will end soon and our life’s will find our good old rythms without a war first :thinking: . The damage in the global market is great .
All we left to do is hope …
for our health
for peace
for Conan


This game is already dead.

Nah just plenty of dead servers. There’s more servers than players at this stage. There’s still populated servers out there just most of them are private.

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No my original post was not meant offensively, apologies if it has come out that way

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Oh dude ’ chin up :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure the update will drop in the near future.

I’m playing ’ it’s not ideal ’ but I’m playing :sunglasses:

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Would be playing too but not possible to login even at server restart anymore :frowning:

Draconis we’re on this morning, I had the same problem this morning also and couldn’t log in. Let’s hope for the best :pray:

I’m playing 3053 currently it’s not great but much better. Back up plan!

hope my base is ok mut cant be sure. how is it that 3053 works and 3052 doesn’t if the problem is somehow not server related? i thought all the conflict servers had this same problem so was hoping the update would fix it.

They all do have same problem, just different time windows to logon lol

Hi’ 3053 is just a little better and I can stay on line pretty much all day and log in times are a bit more reliable. Apart from that, like you just looking forward to the update which will fix ’ what they call Dashboarding . What we call infinite loading screen.
On a positive note I can confirm your base is refreshed thanks to Draconis! Who checked this morning just in case you couldn’t get online. I mu self have refreshed yet was still unable to get online. Be well SnowOwls


Uuu thank you :heart::heart:

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@Immortalowl yes you’re base was reset, I saw you tried to logon but couldn’t, and that was 5 minutes after I got on, if I can I will keep an eye out for you, but we can’t always logon either, seems our window is 4:15 am to 4:25 am, that’s what I timed it at this morning, server was rebooted, and was back up at 4:15 am

That’s GMT time’s

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