PS4 Issues status Lie


“It is important to note that some of these issues are only experienced by a small amount of players.”

You do realize this is a console right ? So if a bug or issue is present for one player…it is present for every single other one. ROFL Flopcom just ROFL

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Not true actually, it can effect only certain regens, my game was running horribly before this most recent update, since it it’s been running 100x better,

All I know is now my game crashes after loading screen. I have doubts it will be playable again. And yeah a bit funny since I’ve read all the various ps4 bug reports and crashes from all over.

I feel you should be right since it is a closed system console but sadly no. I started off with 0 problems and couldn’t understand the bug reports. But each patch my experience gets worse and the game will not save at all for me. While others still report having only minor problems

Not true, I am on PS4 and experience very few of the bugs I read about.

Then you’re one of the lucky ones.

Absolute same. Seems every update/patch slowly killed my game.

That’s actually not true. At all.

There are numerous crash issues that I’ve seen people experience and post about, meanwhile I think I’ve ever only actually crashed but two or three times. So just because the hardware is mostly the same doesn’t mean that bugs glitches and crashes all occur in the same frequency or at all. Just a modicum of knowledge regarding programming would tell you this.

Bugs and the sort are very often not dependant upon hardware at all, but rather a culmination of many lines of code influencing one another. This problem is compounded the more lines of code there are, and most modern games you’re talking millions of lines. This is why it’s a very common occurrence that fixing one bug can create another, or several.