Authentication Failed issue again

So monday I found a server I enjoyed playing on logged out normal to go to bed, there was no issue logging out incorrectly or anything. I got home the next day tried to login and got the dreaded authentication failed error. At first It was only that server then it started on about 90% of the servers I tried to join. It has nothing to do with my computer specs since the game runs perfectly fine and I have never had any issues running the game and still don’t. Just this error is preventing me from playing with any of my friends, with any mods/rates I would prefer to play with.

I have looked at countless troubleshooting issues and done every one I have found. I have reinstalled battle eye bout 5 times, closed through task manager god knows how many, ran as admin trying everything possible, verified files, reinstalled game, changed steam name, even had a friend log in my account to attempt to join and she logged in just fine but some reason I can’t. The admins have even tried everything they could to help me also but nothing has worked. So if anyone knows anything that I haven’t tried yet that works please let me know. Its been almost an entire week of spending hours upon hours trying to connect to a server.

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