Problem login at 1996 server South america

I am not able to log into the server 1996, got an infinity loadscreen.

someone has the same problem?


no words about this? and now the sv is down?


i can’t found the official server #1996 Sudamerica, anyone can help me ?

was unable to join at the sv like 1 hour ago and now the sv it´s completly gone :rofl:

It is hapenning with some people on the server that when they died, they cant respawn at bed or slepbag, the respaws time finishes and we dont reborn on then. And when we tried enter in the server it keps loading forever. And the last problem is that the servers keep falling. Please, tryed to help us!

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We are aware of the issue and have contacted GPORTAL. Unfortunately I do not have an ETA on the repair at this time, but we’ll keep you updated when we know more! Thanks for your patience.

any news @AndyB?

The problem with respawn and the loading scren is happening in others servers?

we really want to play today on #1996 @AndyB

I am sorry, but I do not have any additional information about #1996 at this time. I’ve notified operations again and am hoping to share new info soon. Thanks all!

It happens exactly the same with the # 1986

huum, but how do i get this information then?

I have to talk with GPORTAL?

this is getting hilarious :rofl:

we are waiting like 5 hours, idk how you dont have info about this

More than 5 hours waiting to play, in addition to South America is the Region with fewer servers and all servers are full. I just want to play after an exhausting day of work and cant even get a straight answer.

Hey AndyB, why #1996 is the only SA server down?


C´mon guys, is any moderator or dev online?

we need some info about the #1996 sv from SA

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There are like 20 players in the game and 20 more in a infinity loop of loading screen. What is wrong with the server #1996?. Cant enter the game


20 in the game,10 in infinity loop of loading screen,10 in infinity loop of death respawn

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Because of another clutter of FunCom my clan, decides to go without equality for 1996, we could not get in and more than 6 hours with the known problem … ouch ouch

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@AndyB ???

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