Intel on the SA servers issue

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [South America]

So, everyone is complaining about the SA infinite Login screen, me included, but i decided to help you rather than to keep complaining with no point.

Its been a week or so with this problem, and this is what i can tell you from my experience
First, infinite Loading Screen.

  • Most people say this issue only happends after the second login, meaning if you never entered the server you are able to login normally, but this isnt so, because i had the infinite loading screen on a server i never entered, actually i got to enter it today and i had to create a character.
  • If you read my first point it means you can infer that aventually i could get in the game, so the infinite loading screen is not permanent. From my experience i was able to login to some servers on the morning, but never in the afternoon or night. My last experiment was to leave the loading screen thro the night (this was on a private server) and in the morning i found the message “disconected from server”, so i thought it was a restart on the server, and right after that i could login normaly, so i think it might have something to do with the restart of the server.

Regarding the respawning time after dead on this servers, cause this is a issue too

  • Sometime it is a little bit of time, some times it takes like ages. in my experience the longer you stay in the server, the longer it takes for the respawn to occur, maybe it has something to do with the purge meter? just throwing ideas

Also i have notice some problems with the clans, they too take a very long time to be created, probable something similar to the other problem.

Well hope this info help you to solve the issue, ill add more discoveryes if i get some.